Teacher Tips

Top pros share tried-and-true advice.

  • Reformer Roller Combo

    Reinvent the Reformer work while staying true to the method with Courtney Miller's roller series. Known for her innovative way of spicing things up, expect to be challenged and have...
  • Back Safety During Abdominal Work

    Pilates should absolutely be a back-pain-free experience, says Zayna Gold. Her new video blog featuring Carin Lennox—her partner in #healingwithpilates—delivers the pointers you need to keep your back out of...
  • Make Every Day a Pilates Day

    The whole point of Pilates is to take what we learn in the studio and bring it out into the world. Sound daunting? Start small with easy "homework" from Kathryn...
  • Kneeling Side Kick Series with Magic Circle

    Learn to love the Kneeling Side Kick with Zayna Gold's thoughtful (and funny!) tips and detailed cues throughout this glute-burning series, which uses the Magic Circle for an added challenge.
  • Finding Your Inner Core

    Looking to reconnect (or connect) with your deepest muscles? Zayna Gold's Half Roll-Back variations—one on the mat, another on the Reformer—will help get you there.
  • Walk the Walk: How to Keep Your Practice Fresh

    Motivate and Move: Teachers, it's time to walk the walk! Kathryn Ross-Nash shares her favorite ways to keep your personal practice fresh.