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  • Teaser Core: Back Pain

    The amount of people who experienced a significant decrease in lower-back pain after taking an hour-long Pilates class twice a week for a six-week period. The 12 subjects, both male...
  • Learning to Exhale: When Vacations Make You Nervous

    You’ve been working hard and deserve a break, but for you, taking some time off to kick back and chill out is anything but relaxing. In fact, trying to unwind...
  • Mental Health and Pilates

    by Risa Sheppard Approximately one in five adults in the U.S. experiences mental discord in a given year. Approximately one in 25 experiences a serious mental illness in a given...
  • 12 Habits That Will Boost Your Productivity

    These strategies will up your efficiency, helping you get more done every single day.
  • 9 Habits Breast Cancer Experts Want you to Know

    See what those in the know—from oncologists and breast surgeons to Pilates instructors and survivors—are doing to reduce their risk of this deadly disease.
  • Complements: Mediation on the Move

    You don’t have to stay stationary to reap the benefits of meditation. Learn how a moving practice can pair perfectly with Pilates.