On the Apparatus

Routines on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs and more.

  • How to Build a Tower Class

    The Trap Table is called the “Cadillac” for a reason—it has lots of bells and whistles—but when it comes to group classes, the Wall Tower is the perfect space-saving stand-in....
  • Before the Hundred

    Drawing on Kathy Grant’s teachings for inspiration, Peter Roël instructs you on deconstructing the Pilates vocabulary, to help build more awareness and better posture for each and every client—and lead...
  • Hit Your Stride

    The CoreAlign challenges you to explore practical and functional movement and find a better way to stand, walk, squat and rotate. Step right up!
  • Slaying It In the Studio

    Battling back pain as the result of scoliosis, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar turned to Pilates and has never looked back. The multitasking mom of two and cofounder of Foodstirs, an...
  • The Pelvic Floor Paradox

    Pelvic floor dysfunction is a preventable issue in many cases—and it’s one that affects nearly half of women under 50 and represents a 10 percent prevalence rate in men in...
  • The Athlete’s Workout

    The game plan a Wunda Chair series that builds total-body strength, balance and stability. We’re rooting for you! By Steve Vicera • Edited by Amanda Altman