Volume 3: The Magic of Moving in Nature

This month, Pilates educator Jenna Zaffino takes you on a sensory-rich outdoor Pilates experience. Designed to help teachers expose themselves to the elements of nature, get ready to meditate, breathe and move. For best results, Jenna recommends trying this Pilates-based outside. We look forward to hearing how moving outside moves you!

Jenna Zaffino is an expert Pilates teacher with almost 20 years of experience in movement education. Her tenure as a seasoned studio owner, teacher trainer, conference presenter and continuing-education provider provides her with a platform to share her innovative voice with the Pilates industry and beyond. Through her wildly popular podcast, Pilates Unfiltered, original online continuing-education-support courses and one-on-one and group coaching programs Jenna helps Pilates professionals step into their purpose and share their great work with the world. To learn more about Jenna’s services, visit jennazaffino.com.

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