Volume 2: Creating Your Teaching Mantra

Pilates educator Jenna Zaffino is back for another round of realness! Learn her simple, easy-to-implement tool for dealing with (the inevitable) pushback of clients that can chip away at your confidence and create a roadblock for reaching your highest potential. Before you think, I’m not into this woo-woo stuff, there’s science behind the affirmation-based mantra, she says. The best part of all? Boosting your own self-worth leads to a boost in your clients’ success at the studio.

Jenna Zaffino is an expert Pilates teacher with almost 20 years of experience in movement education. Her tenure as a seasoned studio owner, teacher trainer, conference presenter and continuing-education provider provides her with a platform to share her innovative voice with the Pilates industry and beyond. Through her wildly popular podcast, Pilates Unfiltered, original online continuing-education-support courses and one-on-one and group coaching programs Jenna helps Pilates professionals step into their purpose and share their great work with the world. To learn more about Jenna’s services, visit jennazaffino.com.

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