The Alignment Makeover: the Lower Body–Abdominal Connection

Find it—and strengthen it—with Sara Colquhoun's three favorite abdominal exercises.

“Connect the torso to the lower limbs with my three favorite abdominal exercises that assist and challenge you to still stay connected to your lower body while we work those deep abdominal stabilizers,” says Sara. You’re going to need a stability ball (or a Reformer and Sitting Box) for this short series.

Sara Colquhoun has trained in Pilates since the age of 14, and began teaching it only three years later. She has also completed a diploma in dance and performing arts before going on to pursue a career in Pilates under the guidance of Pilates International. Today, Sara instructs a number of high-profile clients, including elite AFL players and Australian ballet dancers.

One of Sara’s biggest career highlights to date has been winning the international Pilates Anytime competition to become their next instructor. Sara is one of the youngest instructors to join such an elite group of trainers on the site. Sara also owns and runs her own studio Ki Movement Pilates on Clarendon St,  South Melbourne.

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