Teacher Tips

Top pros share tried-and-true advice.

  • The Alignment Makeover: the Hip Stabilizers

    Working from the feet up, Sara Colquhoun's The Alignment Makeover vlog series on pilatesstyle.com is helping you target the muscles needed for for your best-ever alignment. Next up: the deep...
  • How to Keep the Exercises Fresh and Evolving

    Kathryn Ross-Nash shares how to use the principles of the method to inspire depth into the work—and keep it feeling fresh.
  • When Teacher Training Became a Product…

    Kevin Bowen has been in the Pilates industry, well, long before it was even an "industry." In his first post for his new blog series, he gets real about the...
  • What 3 Pilates Teachers Eat Every Day

    Want to know why your Pilates teacher has that "glow"? Behold, what three teachers eat every day (plus their go-to recipes).
  • The Alignment Makeover: The Knee

    Sara Colquhoun shares three of her favorite exercises to strengthen and realign your knees, so that each step you take will be a better one.
  • Reformer Roller Combo

    Reinvent the Reformer work while staying true to the method with Courtney Miller's roller series. Known for her innovative way of spicing things up, expect to be challenged and have...