Teacher Tips

Top pros share tried-and-true advice.

  • Moves of the Month for Snowboarding

    Whether you’re an alley-ooping snowboarder or have yet to hit the bunny slope, Pilates is wonderful for improving your strength and balance.
  • Bolstering the Matwork

    An everyday prop gives the floor exercises a boost, making them simultaneously more supported, challenging and well…cushy.
  • Why You Need a To-Don’t List

    Chelsea Streifeneder shares her new blog series, Studio Sweet Home, with us on pilatesstyle.com. First up: When you have a list of things you want to focus on not doing,...
  • Volume 4: Teacher Support Series

    Pilates Educator and Coach, Jenna Zaffino, is back with the latest installment of the Teacher Support Series. In this short video, Jenna discusses the importance of examining your own voice,...
  • Elephant on the Reformer with Zayna Gold and Nancy Castiglioni

    Elephant is one of the least understood exercises in the beginner Reformer repertoire. Master the movement (or help your student excel!) with these verbal and tactile cues from two of...
  • Volume 3: The Magic of Moving in Nature

    This month, Pilates educator Jenna Zaffino takes you on a sensory-rich outdoor Pilates experience. Designed to help teachers expose themselves to the elements of nature, get ready to meditate, breathe...