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Position is everything in life, especially if you compete in athletics. The cleaner the alignment of the body, the less the body has to work to move in the desired direction. While these athlete-driven exercises are key to better propulsion, which translates to increased speed and height of your every jump, they also work to boost strength throughout the entire body. Don’t fancy yourself a professional athlete? Let this series propel your everyday activities—your Pilates practice included—to the next level.

By Kathryn Ross-Nash • Edited by Amanda Altman



THE JUMP CONNECTION Correcting the alignment of your feet through your legs is the first step to better propulsion.
FOUNDATIONAL LEVEL Short Box Strap Engagement

START Place the Toe Corrector on your big toes, with the wide band above (if the tops of your toes curve inward) or below (for all others). Sit with your legs extended hip-width apart and parallel. Flex your feet with your toes pointing directly upward. Place your hands by your sides with your fingers forward and elbows soft.










1. Pressing through your heels and initiating the movement from your hips, rotate slightly outward to engage the spring. Allow the spring to gently move your big toes into the correct alignment with your heels on the ground. Hold for 3–5 counts, “growing taller” with each one. Release.
2. Press only your big toes forward, isolating the action of your joints. Hold for 3–5 counts.
3. Flex your big toes back and hold for 3–5 counts. Do 3-5 reps.

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