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Editor in Chief Bambi Abernathy gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the latest issue.

Welcome to our annual double issue. Right in the middle of producing this special edition, we had to drop everything and jet off to Indian Wells, CA, for the 17th Annual Meeting of the PMA. That’s where we planned to photograph 21 Pilates teachers—yes, you read that correctly—for issues throughout 2018. It’s where the magic happens, and the exercise routines that were pitched and plotted come to life. (If only we could say “poof” to make that all happen, but I digress…)

Dynamic Duo. Michele Larsson and Ruth Alpert were so fun and easy to work with. The coolest thing was seeing the head harness created by JP himself. Don’t miss “Free as a Bird” on page 44, in which Michele and Kevin Bowen shares some of the exercises Joe created to help Eve Gentry rehab after a radical mastectomy.


Cool As a Cucumber. Joel Crosby (“The Shoulder-Reset Series,” page 58) was so calm and the ultimate pro; he came so prepared. He even pre-shot the photos on his phone so we could make sure his form was perfect.


Surprise Visitor. Even though we weren’t set to shoot Ana Cabán’s story (“Mat Over Mind-set” on page 52) for another few weeks, we were excited when she popped by the shoot to say hi—and add her always upbeat vibe to the mix!


Wild About Lesley. Confession: This was shot at the 2016 PMA conference, but Lesley Logan “brought it”—red lipstick, leopard print and all! Her story, “The Elusive Second Seat” (page 64), is a must-read!


The PS Family. Here’s our fam, minus one Amanda Altman, who we missed this year. A shout-out and huge thanks to our resident photographer Rod Foster; he has got to be the most patient and cool-headed guy I know. This was our “wrap” shot—the very last photo of the day—taken by Tracey Mallett, who’s story will be coming your way soon!


Back row: Matthew Abernathy, Bambi Abernathy, Nicholas Nguyen, Tiffany Lee and Marla Nyamdorj Front row: Rod Foster, Wendy Ellis and Dave Nardini

You never know what’s going to happen during the two jam-packed days of shooting; there are plenty of potential wild cards and unknowns. Will a piece of equipment not arrive at the designated time? Will a teacher decide to change everything on the spot and throw us for a loop? Will someone’s flight get cancelled? Bottom line: What I’ve learned is that you can prep for months in advance, but if you’re not prepared to roll with the punches on shoot day then you’re not prepared. That…and you need to bring your best energy.

The positive vibes definitely paid off this year. Don’t get me wrong—the shoot had its challenges—but we had so much fun and learned a lot. Check out the behind-the-scenes photos from the stories we shot for this issue, at right. And stay tuned for more goofy photos and dish in my upcoming letters!

If that wasn’t crazy enough, right after we got back it was time to shoot Denise Richards for this cover. You might have read somewhere that Denise is a fan of Pilates, but did you know that she’s been doing it religiously for 20 years?! Obviously her body is beautiful, but like her trainer Lisa Gordon agrees in the cover story on page 70, that beauty is just as present on the inside as it is on the outside. Denise was fun and relaxed (see photo below)—and she clearly knows her Pilates. Special thanks to Lynn Jacob of SPN Pilates Malibu for the amazing location, and to my sister and BFF Tiffany Allen for stepping away from her desk job to do a stellar job of representing us (and styling Denise!) at the shoot.

Time to dig in to the issue—and don’t forget to pore over our Annual Resource Guide, which starts on page 97. You’ll get the inside scoop on this year’s best new equipment, gear, apparel and more. Plus: Pilates teachers spill their “how did that just happen?!” moments on page 140. Make sure you’re prepared to LOL.

Happy new year—sending you positive vibes!

See ya on the mat,



Bambi Abernathy

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  1. Geri Mazza Reply

    Thank you for the hard work and thought you put into creating such great articles. I love the Pilates Style Magazine.

    1. Web Editor Reply

      Thanks so much! We love what we do!