Pilates Takes the Field

Keeping the NFL limber, one player at a time.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints Quarterback 

What brought him to Pilates: “Drew came to Pilates to concentrate on foot-to-fingertip strength and flexibility with an emphasis on core strength,” says Stephanie Scarbrough [Todd Durkin’s Fitness Quest 10’s Pilates program]. “He also wants to keep his body in balance and correct any muscular inefficiencies.”

Key moves: “Even if you’ve never seen Drew play football, you’d still be impressed watching him do Pilates,” says Melanie Rogers. “He’s a great athlete, so it’s fun to give him more advanced exercises that require a lot of strength and mobility. These include Balance Control Front, Upstretch, Long Stretch and Long Back Stretch. These are challenging exercises that integrate the full body.”

To help Brees’ throwing ability, “we do Kneeling Arm Circles for flexiblity and stability. The work is focused on maintaining range of motion while stabilizing the scaupla and making sure he initiates arm work from the core.”

Excerpt from the November/December 2013 issue. Illustration by Diana Galvan.

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