Pilates on Tour: Record Interest & Growth!

Movement Changes Lives

As a Pilates and integrated movement practitioner, you are part of a tribe which understands that movement changes lives. You are well aware of both the benefits and the need to continue your education each year. It’s a time for you to be with—and feel supported by—your community, decompress from your day to day environment with clients, and relish in the opportunity to learn, grow and prosper in your field.

At Balanced Body, they know you value your continuing education, which is they we are overjoyed at the continued growth of the Pilates on Tour® conferences around the world. Pilates on Tour is an unforgettable experience of small classes with A-list instructors and plenty of equipment to help you absorb what you learn. Whether you are looking for recent research and trends, new exercises, great group programming, improving your teaching skills, diving deeper into the mechanics of the body or tips on growing your business, this is the conference for you.

April kicks off a wonderful year ahead. Pilates on Tour Phoenix and London officially sold out, so make sure you take advantage of early bird registration for the many locations to come. Boston and Chicago are just a few months away!

Click here for more details and to sign up today.

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