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  • Chubby Chasers

    Anula Maiberg’s latest post digs deep into why we, the Pilates community, need to take a stand against body shaming—for good.
  • The New Pilates “Perfect”

    What is a “Pilates-perfect body” anyway? My take: There’s no such thing.
  • When Teacher Training Became a Product…

    Kevin Bowen has been in the Pilates industry, well, long before it was even an "industry." In his first post for his new blog series, he gets real about the...
  • What 3 Pilates Teachers Eat Every Day

    Want to know why your Pilates teacher has that "glow"? Behold, what three teachers eat every day (plus their go-to recipes).
  • The Power of Pre-Pilates

    Ever had a mentor unknowingly change your life? Six months into her husband Jon's rehabilitation from a severe brain injury, Laura Browning Grant recognizes how much Lolita San Miguel's teachings...
  • Healing in the Hospital: Consistency is Key

    What would you do if your loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury? Laura Browning Grant shares her coping strategies—and why consistency is just as key to rehabbing the brain...