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  • “I have diabetes.”

    Alexia Simmons’ journey toward acceptance of her diagnosis and the balance it takes to live with it begins with Pilates. Here’s why.
  • Adventure: Boulder and Denver, CO

    On the heels of Momentum Fest, Kari extends her stay in colorful Colorado for some more Pilates, a yoga class (yes, she does yoga, too) and some more National Park...
  • All for One and One for All

    Kathryn Ross-Nash, the creator of The Red Thread Series, dispels one of the biggest myths in the Pilates teacher-training biz.
  • How to Get Your Spouse to the Studio

    We’ve all been there, trying to convince our partner to come to mat class, only to be met with “Maybe next time,” “Nah, I prefer a workout that makes me...
  • Adventure: Madison, WI

    Kari discovers some amazing studios, new exercises and some stunning scenery.
  • Adventures with Pilates

    No relaxing beach vacations for these Pilates teachers. Their idea of the perfect trip is challenging the outer limits of their physical fitness and mental strength.