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  • Kindness. Radical Kindness.

    The latest trend in the Pilates industry has nothing to do with equipment or props or even spinal articulation. Actually, it’s not what you’re thinking at all. Anula Maiberg fills...
  • Our Pilates Pact

    “Pilates saved my life.” That’s the title of the story told by JoAnn Smith for this issue’s “Success Story” column (page 38). In her heartbreaking tale, JoAnn recalls tragically losing...
  • I Do Pilates. Do I Need to Hit the Weight Room, Too?

    We asked Pilates teachers with experience in a variety of other modalities if method fans should also strength-train.
  • Gift Guide: Food

    Get fed.
  • Chubby Chasers

    Anula Maiberg’s latest post digs deep into why we, the Pilates community, need to take a stand against body shaming—for good.
  • The New Pilates “Perfect”

    What is a “Pilates-perfect body” anyway? My take: There’s no such thing.