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  • Innovative New Moves

    The Movement Tour, hosted by Balanced Body and BOSU, offers innovative programming for fitness pros.
  • Q+A

    Q. Help! I need to break up with my client. She’s constantly late to our sessions and has trouble focusing. Then she complains that she’s not getting results. Any advice...
  • Like Father…

    …like kids! And when dad’s a Pilates teacher, you grow up mad about the method! In honor of Father’s Day, three men share how they’re passing on their passion for...
  • Editor’s Letter

    Happy Days
  • Book Smart

    Two new books on various aspects of the method will enhance your teaching and your practice.
  • Create a Splash

    “Writing about your deep thoughts and feelings, particularly about things that are troubling you, can help reduce rumination, that unhealthy pattern of the mind where you’re spinning your wheels over...