Pilates Life

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  • Crossing the Rubicon

    Nothing divides the Pilates world more than the endless classical versus contemporary debate. So why do some teachers switch sides?
  • Come Play With Us!

    In Pilates, it’s easy to get caught up in notions of “right” and “wrong.” We’ve all had those moments of, “I don’t think I’m doing it right!” That’s the cool...
  • The Event for ALL #pilateslovers

    Lesley Logan’s favorite part of Momentum Fest: It’s a chance for all lovers of Pilates, from novices to pros, to take classes and spend time together!
  • Best. Summer. Ever.

    “Pilates saved my life.” That’s the title of the story told by JoAnn Smith for this issue’s “Success Story” column (page 38). In her heartbreaking tale, JoAnn recalls tragically losing...
  • When Nature Calls

    When they’re not in the studio, these Pilates teachers head outdoors to pursue their (second-favorite) activity.
  • Broaden the Scope of Your Teaching and Learning

    What can you expect from Momentum Fest? Different teaching styles and schools of thought, for one! Check out this sneak peek of a shoulder-opening exercise from a mat class to...