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  • An Important Update on the Nov/Dec Issue

    We’ve received no shortage of questions about the November/December issue, including: “Is the magazine going out of business?”“Did you guys shut down?” “Are you going all digital?” “Is the print...
  • Support Your Sub

    Is a sub taking over your class? Clients are more likely to appreciate them when you set them up for success. Here, Chelsea Streifeneder shares some tips and ideas in...
  • Adventure: Santa Fe, NM

    Getting away from the mountains to soak in some sun as well as inspiration in The Land of Enchantment.
  • Why You Need a To-Don’t List

    Chelsea Streifeneder shares her new blog series, Studio Sweet Home, with us on pilatesstyle.com. First up: When you have a list of things you want to focus on not doing,...
  • Elephant on the Reformer with Zayna Gold and Nancy Castiglioni

    Elephant is one of the least understood exercises in the beginner Reformer repertoire. Master the movement (or help your student excel!) with these verbal and tactile cues from two of...
  • Adventure: Broomfield, CO

    Kari heads west to Momentum Fest for some amazing (and new!) movement from some of her favorite social media Pilates “stars,” not to mention some stunning scenery.