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  • Help Make Our Pilates World a Better Place

    Editor in Chief Bambi Abernathy gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the latest issue.
  • Following the Yellow Brick Road to Pilates…Backwards

    Sometimes you’ve gotta see the wizard and walk a bit before your heart, brain and courage can catch up. At least that’s how Alexia Simmons finally found her footing as...
  • A Chat with Joan Breibart

    Welcome to our first video installment of Opinion, our newest blog series on pilatesstyle.com. Opinion is a platform that’s—you guessed it—all opinion, in which we invite industry leaders to share...
  • Pilates and Depression: My Story

    Anula Maiberg gets raw about her own battle with acute depression, and how, no matter the level of sadness you might be experiencing, the Pilates studio can be a safe...
  • Surf’s Up!

    by Sharon Liao Many people think of surfing as a laidback pastime. But it’s also a soon-to-be-Olympic sport that requires strength and balance. That’s why a growing number of surfers...
  • Change is in the Air

    Kathryn Ross-Nash shares her views on the evolution of Pilates continuing education.