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  • Adventure: Broomfield, CO

    Kari heads west to Momentum Fest for some amazing (and new!) movement from some of her favorite social media Pilates “stars,” not to mention some stunning scenery.
  • Complacent or Compliant?

    Kevin A. Bowen breaks down the new California ruling that might pose a threat to your Pilates business. Plus: what you can do to protect yourself and your employees.
  • The Hear and Now

    Recently people have likened what’s happening in the Pilates community to the political landscape of America. Although sometimes it seems like you could cut the tension with a butter knife,...
  • Pilates Takes the Field

    Keeping the NFL limber, one player at a time.
  • Emotional Rescue

    Pilates helped Lucie Becus say #timesup to her abusive husband.
  • How Club Pilates is Changing the Industry

    This über-successful Pilates franchise is opening new studios across the country at a rapid rate. We asked the company to explain their business model in depth—and then asked industry pros...