More Exceptional Pilates Studios

In our July/Aug issue, we showcased gorgeous spaces from ’round the world. Here, a few runners-up.

by Eme Cole, with additional reporting by Amanda Altman and Anne Marie O’Connor

ProperPilates in Peachtree City, GA

OWNER: Andrea M. Contin-Chesek
DESIGN AESTHETIC: ProperPilates was designed to visually reflect the six principles of the method, via clean lines: the exercise equipment was precisely placed, as was the lighting;, and six handmade wood carvings spelling out those principles (centering, focus, precision, breath, control, and flow) hang on the walls. Original and personally signed photos of Joseph Pilates by I.C Rapoport, salt lamps, handmade lighting fixtures made of large rusted industrial compression springs that echo the concept of spring-based training also reference key method concepts and give the space a serene appeal.

White House Pilates in Manhattan Beach, CA

OWNER: Caroline Londergan
DESIGN AESTHETIC: “I taught Pilates in The White House in Washington, D.C., before moving to California and opening my own studio,” Londergan says. The two-floored space features floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings. Two dramatic diamond-shaped crystal chandeliers (which took two days to install!) hang in front of the windows. Wood flooring adds a natural, rustic element.

Instytut Pilates in Wroclaw, Poland

OWNER: Magdalena Mocek
DESIGN AESTHETIC: Inspired by nature, the color scheme consists of greens with plenty of wood details. There’s also soft acrylic mirrors, anti-dust window treatments and bamboo fans in the 800-square-foot space. “Contrary to the typical large gym Pilates experience [in Poland], we offer a personal touch where small groups are the norm. We have been able to create a small community of Pilates enthusiasts where friendships are created,” says Mocek.

Studio Équilibre in Lathlain Perth, Western Australia

OWNER: Alexandra Schofield
YEARS IN BUSINESS: less than one (launched in February 2018)
DESIGN AESTHETIC: Studio Équilibre offers a contemporary, sleek space that Schofield says is “set against a minimalistic palette of white and gray accents.” Of her inspiration, she “understood that the environment we created would have a strong impact on my clients’ motivation and state of mind, hence we opted for a refined interior that evokes a sense of calmness during classes. The studio has exposed white walls, polished concrete flooring, vivid greenery, splashes of natural timber and beautiful warm light.”

All photos courtesy of the studio.

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