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By the time you read this, summer will have officially arrived. Of course, that means humidity up the wazoo here in Houston, but that’s just one of the reasons why my husband and I have recently taken up residence by the beach. Life is short—but we have the power to make it sweet, right?
With everything going on in my life right now—mostly good, with some “real life” not-so-comfortable stuff thrown into the mix—I’ve made a conscious decision to try to be as positive as possible. I’m over the negativity. Done with it. Want it gone.

I want it to end in our precious Pilates community, too. Let’s band together so that we can grow together. Let’s make our microcosm less “judgy,” less fear-based. Let’s cultivate an industry that asserts a desire for growth and provokes thought.

Easy to say, much, much harder to execute, right (insert eye roll)? Wrong. It starts with YOU. It’s a choice to be welcoming and nonjudgmental, to encourage positive dialogue in person and on social media—and to simply be kind to your fellow students. And don’t forget that what you think translates into how you act, something we all know from practicing Pilates.

Did You Know?!

…that cover star Gregory Louis thought Pilates was for new moms and the like? Don’t worry, he found a magical mat class that changed everything. Read his inspiring story and get his Magic Circle workout on page 44.

…that there’s a unique purpose to every piece of apparatus? Don’t forget to study on this one, says Kathryn Ross-Nash, if you want to succeed on the Wunda Chair (page 50).

…that there’s something called the ZOA in your body? On page 56, Dr. Suzanne Martin says it’s key for spinal health and breath potential, too!

…that you can do Reformer and Caddy moves with a simple blanket? Just ask Trina Altman (page 64).

…that one of the main purposes of Pilates is to prepare you for whatever physical challenges you wish to take on? Get inspired by these super-adventurous teachers profiled on page 76. (P.S. I’ve recently taken up surf fishing, in which you have to contend with the current and waves hitting you, making balance and core strength especially important!)

…that there are some seriously stunning Pilates studios on this planet? Don’t miss “Exceptional Pilates Studios” on page 70!

…that amputees can reap the benefits of Pilates (page 86)?

…that spicy foods will make you feel cooler this summer (page 36)?

The first (small) step in my quest to achieving a more peaceful Pilates realm: A new editorial policy to stop using the terms “classical” and “contemporary” on our pages. While lineage is important, I believe that these umbrella categories, on some level, promote an “us vs. them” mentality—and those are certainly not the vibes I want to project.

I’d love to officially welcome our new Advisory Board members, Kevin Bowen, Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle and Kathryn Ross-Nash, who we believe (along with the other leaders on our amazing board) will help Pilates Style navigate the Pilates “waters” and help us stay on a calm, peaceful course.
To my dear readers, thank you for your support—and for inspiring me, always. Can’t wait to see you on the “other side,” where our collective positive energy has become a force to be reckoned with.

See ya on the mat,



Bambi Abernathy

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