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  • Why Diets Are So Last Year

    This year, make a resolution to not go on a diet. Research shows that it might be your best shot at weighing less in time for next New Year’s.
  • Embrace Your Pilates Body

    Faye Stevenson shares her tips for boosting your body confidence—and commitment to the method.
  • Be Happy

    Q. Can doing Pilates boost my mood—and beat the winter blues?
  • Banish Stress in 2018

    by Carrie Stevens Now that the holidays are over, chances are the workplace has returned to its chaotic pace. Avoid burning out and feeling overwhelmed with David Magone’s 15-minute meditation...
  • Sugar Shock

    Are your cravings for candy, cookies and ice cream overwhelming? It may not be a matter of willpower—you could be addicted to sugar.
  • Breakfast To Go

    Mornings can be a scramble. Whether you’re running to the studio or work, there’s often not enough time to sit down to a meal. But that doesn’t mean you need...