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  • Take a Hike!

    Research shows that walking in nature can boost your physical and mental energy. But this short series to prep the body and prevent injury.
  • De-stressing Tips for Every Scenario

    Americans are the most anxious people on earth. But experts say arming yourself with natural ways to calm the chaos is easier than you might think.
  • The Big Fat Questions

    First you were told to steer clear of fat. Then experts said that it may be good for you. Should you be eating more of it? Get the skinny on...
  • What 3 Pilates Teachers Eat Every Day

    Want to know why your Pilates teacher has that "glow"? Behold, what three teachers eat every day (plus their go-to recipes).
  • Teaser Core: Back Pain

    The amount of people who experienced a significant decrease in lower-back pain after taking an hour-long Pilates class twice a week for a six-week period. The 12 subjects, both male...
  • Learning to Exhale: When Vacations Make You Nervous

    You’ve been working hard and deserve a break, but for you, taking some time off to kick back and chill out is anything but relaxing. In fact, trying to unwind...