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  • Protect Your Heart

    by Nurit Lewis In honor of American Heart Month this past February, we’ve called on two experts in the field, Bradley Bale, MD, and Amy Doneen, ARNP, co-authors of Beat...
  • (Healthy) Foot Fetish

    On your feet all day? Add Manolos to the mix, and you’re paving the way for all sorts of foot problems. And they ain’t pretty.
  • Is it okay to skimp on sleep in order to fit in a workout?

    Robert S. Rosenberg, DO, FCCP, a board-certified doctor of pulmonary and sleep medicine and the medical director of Sleep Disorders Center of Prescott Valley and Sleep Disorders Center of Flagstaff,...
  • Why Diets Are So Last Year

    This year, make a resolution to not go on a diet. Research shows that it might be your best shot at weighing less in time for next New Year’s.
  • Embrace Your Pilates Body

    Faye Stevenson shares her tips for boosting your body confidence—and commitment to the method.
  • Be Happy

    Q. Can doing Pilates boost my mood—and beat the winter blues?