Happy Anniversary, #healingwithpilates!

To celebrate the social media phenomenon started by Pilates pros Zayna Gold and Carin Lenox a year ago, the dynamic duo is tackling dynamic stability—with a safe neutral pelvis, of course—in three planes.

A message from Zayna:

Thanks for joining us for our one-year anniversary of #healingwithpilates. We want to thank Pilates Style for helping us celebrate this incredible milestone. Pilates Style highlights so many different voices within our industry, and we hope our project has achieved the same inclusive spirit!  

In the past year, our Pilates community has contributed 4,500-plus posts that share knowledge about how to heal our bodies with Pilates practice. Joseph Pilates taught us that the mind/body connection is our most powerful tool in keeping our bodies healthy, supple and almost ageless. It is in this spirit you all have made #healingwithpilates a powerful resource page, combining both traditional and contemporary posts for all levels and all issues.

This week our post centers on gaining dynamic stability with a safe neutral pelvis in all three planes of motion. I am joined by my partner Carin Lenox (@functionfabulous) who cofounded this project, and has become one of my dearest friends and inspirations.  

Enjoy this vlog for a fresh and effective approach to finding your neutral pelvis. By finding this center of balance, you will become strong, controlled and able to shift into a new balance point with each move you make. 

We truly can’t thank you enough for empowering the beloved words of Joseph Pilates: ‘”Change happens through movement and movement heals.” May this only be the beginning. 

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