Gift Guide: Food

Get fed.

 Get the Techie…

Runamok Maple Gift Box

Three gorgeous glass bottles filled with organic syrup that’s either been barrel-aged or infused—we’re addicted to the Cinnamon-Vanilla—will elevate your breakfast (from $64.95;

Drinkmate Spritzer

This mini carbonation system measuring at just 12 inches adds bubbles to any beverage ($89.99–$94.99;

The Oak Tumbler

Infuse wine, beer or straight-up liquor with complex notes of aged oak in just 30 minutes ($49.95;

Get the Hipster…

Daily Harvest Sundaes

Just add milk to these ready-to-blend “nice cream” in flavors like Cacao Cookie Dough and Salted Caramel made with organic fruits, veggies and superfoods ($7.99 each for 6 cups;

Fourth and Heart Five Piece Ghee Set

This shelf-stable, dairy-free spread—in Original, Himalayan Pink Salt, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, California Garlic and White Truffle Salt varieties—is an Instagram darling for good reason: It’s butter tasting ($69.99;!

Urban Remedy Metta-Morphosis

Plant-based organic food and juices are delivered to your door, plus you get access to online movement and meditation classes and support (from $210 for three days;

Get the Minimalist…

Soupure Variety Pack

Stay warm with 12 organic, non-GMO bottled broths, gently cooked soups and raw “Southies”; Split Pea Chlorophyll and Beef Bone Broth are two of your sip-worthy choices ($136;

Takenaka Bento Bowl

 Hop on the bowl-lunch bandwagon with this BPA-free airtight container available in eight hues ($32;

Oxo 3 Blade Hand-Held Spiralizer

This compact BPA-free contraption whips up veggie noodles in three different sizes ($24.99;

Get the Jetsetter…

Sakara Beauty Chocolates

Raw cacao sweetened with coconut sugar is supplemented with 10 billion active cultures, plus prebiotic fiber from yacon root ($30 for 30;

Vie Healing Huanhe Calm Tea

Help him or her stay grounded with this fruity blend of orchids, goji berries and marigold ($21;

The Blue Bottle Toolbox

This slim study box has everything you need to brew and enjoy a cup anywhere, anytime ($73 for Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper, coffee filters and three packs of Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground;

Get Everyone Else…

Antidote Chocolate the Complete Collection

 A dozen bars come in a variety of chocolate types (think: high-intensity dark and low-sugar milk) and exotic flavors like Coffee + Cardamom and Rose Salt + Lemon ($85;

Pure Spoon Create Your Own 10 Pack

Formulated with a pediatric dietician, these cold-pressed blends like Butternut Squash, Apples and Oats are a gift for mom and baby alike ($29;

Philosophie Superfood Addict Pack

The brand’s three raw, organic and fairly traded blends—Green Dream, Cacao Magic and Berry Bliss—make for the most heavenly smoothies ($127;  —Amanda Altman

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