With Props

Balls, bands, the Magic Circle and more work double duty to assist and challenge the body.

  • Bonus Move! Leg Circles on to the Head

    Loved Joel Crosby's "Shoulder-Reset Series" from our Jan/Feb issue? Well, he's sharing another Spine Corrector exercise that puts everything you've worked on to the test. Watch the vid here.
  • The Alignment Makeover: the Lower Body–Abdominal Connection

    Find it—and strengthen it—with Sara Colquhoun's three favorite abdominal exercises.
  • Take a Hike!

    Research shows that walking in nature can boost your physical and mental energy. But first...do this short series to prep the body and prevent injury.
  • The Elusive Second Seat

    Want healthy, pain-free knees for life? Butt first...you need to find your thuttocks. If you don’t know what that is, one thing’s for sure: It’s time to get cheeky.
  • The Shoulder Reset Series

    Relieve discomfort, restore mobility and learn the proper way to move with this sequence on the Spine Corrector and mat. That means increased power and efficiency with every movement—and no...