With Props

Balls, bands, the Magic Circle and more work double duty to assist and challenge the body.

  • Go for a Slide

    To reap the benefits of the equipment with zero springs in sight, a simple blanket can work wonders. Just don’t expect a free ride—these mat adaptations are even more challenging...
  • Take the High Road

    How do you make your Wunda Chair practice even more wunda-ful? The High Chair might just be the missing link.
  • Believe In Magic

    To the unenlightened, the Magic Circle might not look like much. But Gregory Louis is revealing all of its tricks—and how it helped him turn his life around.
  • HIIT Up the Jump Rope

    If you’re looking to add a little endorphin rush to your regimen, look no further than this mat series remixed with spurts of jumping rope and music to help bust...
  • Broaden the Scope of Your Teaching and Learning

    What can you expect from Momentum Fest? Different teaching styles and schools of thought, for one! Check out this sneak peek of a shoulder-opening exercise from a mat class to...
  • PROPerly Connected

    Enlisting the right gear can help integrate the entire body to boost your performance in the studio—and keep you injury-free everywhere else.