With Props

Balls, bands, the Magic Circle and more work double duty to assist and challenge the body.

  • Anatomy of a Dad

    When Pilates teacher Matt McCulloch, 51, could no longer wrestle around with his two young boys, the result of the physical demands of dad-hood, he discovered a playful new way...
  • 10 Minutes for Me

    Turns out that’s all you need to get centered and focused on the present—and recharged for the future. Well, that and a Magic Circle.
  • Get On the Weight List

    Not incorporating strength training in your regimen? Can’t afford apparatus lessons on the regular? Here’s an easy way to reap the benefits of resistance work—a boost in bone density and...
  • Go for a Slide

    To reap the benefits of the equipment with zero springs in sight, a simple blanket can work wonders. Just don’t expect a free ride—these mat adaptations are even more challenging...
  • Take the High Road

    How do you make your Wunda Chair practice even more wunda-ful? The High Chair might just be the missing link.
  • Believe In Magic

    To the unenlightened, the Magic Circle might not look like much. But Gregory Louis is revealing all of its tricks—and how it helped him turn his life around.