With Props

Balls, bands, the Magic Circle and more work double duty to assist and challenge the body.

  • But First… Warm Up

    Start your session on the Pilates Arc to boost spinal mobility, warm the core and connect to your breath.
  • Have a Ball, Will Travel

    Leaving on a jet plane for the holidays? Here’s the prop to pack in your carry-on—plus how to use it to work the entire body in 20 minutes or less.
  • The Prop You’re Passing Over

    These days, you might see more barres than bars at the studio. But the Pilates dowel, an invaluable device for facilitating proper alignment and better control, will make over your...
  • The Alignment Makeover: The Knee

    Sara Colquhoun shares three of her favorite exercises to strengthen and realign your knees, so that each step you take will be a better one.
  • Back Safety During Abdominal Work

    Pilates should absolutely be a back-pain-free experience, says Zayna Gold. Her new video blog featuring Carin Lennox—her partner in #healingwithpilates—delivers the pointers you need to keep your back out of...
  • Kneeling Side Kick Series with Magic Circle

    Learn to love the Kneeling Side Kick with Zayna Gold's thoughtful (and funny!) tips and detailed cues throughout this glute-burning series, which uses the Magic Circle for an added challenge.