With Props

Balls, bands, the Magic Circle and more work double duty to assist and challenge the body.

  • Volume 1: A Day in the Life of a “Pilatrepreneur”

    Pilates pro and mom Jenna Zaffino is giving you an intimate look at how she navigates her jam-packed day at the studio—and everywhere in between. You’re going to want to...
  • HIIT Up the Jump Rope

    If you’re looking to add a little endorphin rush to your regimen, look no further than this mat series remixed with spurts of jumping rope and music to help bust...
  • Broaden the Scope of Your Teaching and Learning

    What can you expect from Momentum Fest? Different teaching styles and schools of thought, for one! Check out this sneak peek of a shoulder-opening exercise from a mat class to...
  • PROPerly Connected

    Enlisting the right gear can help integrate the entire body to boost your performance in the studio—and keep you injury-free everywhere else.
  • Bonus Move! Leg Circles on to the Head

    Loved Joel Crosby's "Shoulder-Reset Series" from our Jan/Feb issue? Well, he's sharing another Spine Corrector exercise that puts everything you've worked on to the test. Watch the vid here.
  • The Alignment Makeover: the Lower Body–Abdominal Connection

    Find it—and strengthen it—with Sara Colquhoun's three favorite abdominal exercises.