On the Apparatus

Routines on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs and more.

  • Expand Your Understanding of the ZOA

    Giving this area in the trunk a little extra love can make all the difference in cultivating breath potential, good posture and spinal health. Just don’t forget to smile!
  • Take the High Road

    How do you make your Wunda Chair practice even more wunda-ful? The High Chair might just be the missing link.
  • Keeping It in the Family

    Maintaining the integrity of Joseph Pilates’ original body of work while meeting the needs of modern society can be a delicate balance. BASI Pilates Founder Rael Isacowitz shows you how...
  • Bonus Move: Quadruped Position on the Reformer

    In “How to Break the Habit” in our March/April issue, Mandy Hylands Wright spills her tips for detecting and overcoming compensations, with the ultimate goal of helping you achieve a...
  • How to Break the Habit

    Creating a balanced body is the ultimate goal in Pilates. But how do you detect and overcome those compensations? Start with these Reformer exercises.
  • Happy Anniversary, #healingwithpilates!

    To celebrate the social media phenomenon started by Pilates pros Zayna Gold and Carin Lenox a year ago, the dynamic duo is tackling dynamic stability—with a safe neutral pelvis, of...