On the Apparatus

Routines on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs and more.

  • Pilates is My Cardio

    Kick your heart rate into high gear—and give your strength, flexibility and endurance a major boost—with this joint-safe jumpboard series that uses the principles of high-intensity interval training to make...
  • Learning the Ropes

    Come hang with the Bodhi Suspension System for a revealing new take on the Pilates repertoire.
  • The Alignment Makeover: The Knee

    Sara Colquhoun shares three of her favorite exercises to strengthen and realign your knees, so that each step you take will be a better one.
  • Reformer Roller Combo

    Reinvent the Reformer work while staying true to the method with Courtney Miller's roller series. Known for her innovative way of spicing things up, expect to be challenged and have...
  • How to Build a Tower Class

    The Trap Table is called the “Cadillac” for a reason—it has lots of bells and whistles—but when it comes to group classes, the Wall Tower is the perfect space-saving stand-in....
  • Before the Hundred

    Drawing on Kathy Grant’s teachings for inspiration, Peter Roël instructs you on deconstructing the Pilates vocabulary, to help build more awareness and better posture for each and every client—and lead...