On the Apparatus

Routines on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs and more.

  • Open Up

    Although the mat and Reformer are a quintessential part of the Pilates repertoire, the auxiliary apparatus are just as essential. When it comes to opening the body, the Ladder Barrel...
  • The Flexion Connection Workout

    Beginner students often complain about neck pain during Pilates, but there’s a smarter way to explore flexion while avoiding discomfort altogether.
  • Get Integrated (and Stay That Way All Day)

    In just 15 minutes, you can work every muscle in your body to achieve the ultimate goal in Pilates: full-body connection throughout your daily life.
  • Stronger, Faster, Higher

    Position is everything in life, especially if you compete in athletics. The cleaner the alignment of the body, the less the body has to work to move in the desired...
  • Bonus Moves! Seated Stretches and Roll Back with Rotation

    In “Delete Tech Neck (and Back Pain)” in our Jan/Feb issue, Nagi Takahashi shares a few more exercises to help you create more mobility in your thoracic spine.
  • Moves of the Month for Snowboarding

    Whether you’re an alley-ooping snowboarder or have yet to hit the bunny slope, Pilates is wonderful for improving your strength and balance.