Mat Moves

Pilates exercises you can do anywhere, anytime.

  • What We Can Learn From Imperfect Movement

    Forget perfection! Experimenting with misdirection and asymmetry in Pilates is a key part of the formula for discovering untapped movement capabilities (and untangling ingrained patterns).
  • Up for the Challenge

    The Push Up Device might look a little intimidating, but no matter your level it’s an empowering (and fun!) way to find more integration within...
  • On the Double

    It took a major case of burnout for Pilates teacher Jenna Zaffino to reignite her creative flow, which included the release on her new roller...
  • The Flexion Connection Workout

    Beginner students often complain about neck pain during Pilates, but there’s a smarter way to explore flexion while avoiding discomfort altogether.
  • Barre None

    Up the ante on your balance, strength and flexibility with a dance-inspired workout that brings a Pilates foundation to barre work. All you need is...
  • Stronger, Faster, Higher

    Position is everything in life, especially if you compete in athletics. The cleaner the alignment of the body, the less the body has to work...