Mat Moves

Pilates exercises you can do anywhere, anytime.

  • Keeping It in the Family

    Maintaining the integrity of Joseph Pilates’ original body of work while meeting the needs of modern society can be a delicate balance. BASI Pilates Founder...
  • HIIT Up the Jump Rope

    If you’re looking to add a little endorphin rush to your regimen, look no further than this mat series remixed with spurts of jumping rope...
  • Partners in Life, Partners in Pilates

    Just months after their picture-perfect wedding, Shawna and Grant Korgan were forced to face the unthinkable when a snowmobile accident left Grant paralyzed from the...
  • Moving Beyond Classical and Contemporary Pilates

    Want to “return to life”? To make movement nourishing and enlivening, we need to relearn to embody our true selves.
  • 100 Ways to Improve Your Pilates

    Once you’ve mastered The Hundred, you’ve set the foundation for success in the rest of the repertoire. Here’s how to make that happen, and how...
  • Spot On

    The right tactile feedback is key to unlocking movement potential and deeper, more meaningful work on the mat.