EXERCISE #9: Rocker with Open Legs with Lisa Hubbard

Ride the #rockerwithopenlegs wave with @lisahubbardpilates! “There are so many benefits to this exercise,” she says. “It massages the spine and organs, cleanses the lungs, eliminates toxins, stretches the posterior lines, tones the entire body, strengthens the core and restores suppleness to the spine.” Here’s how to do it: “Inhale as you initiate the rocking movement by deeply scooping your powerhouse inward and upward, allowing your tail and sacrum to curl under to roll to your shoulders. Then exhale as you activate your deepest abs and obliques to roll forward sequentially through each vertebra up to the balanced position. To modify, bent your knees, or hold onto your calves instead of your ankles.”

To make the most of the movement, “focus on keeping your shoulders and neck relaxed, use your back extensors in the balance position, avoid throwing your head and neck back and forth, and imagine that your spine is rocking forward and back like a wheel and or a rocking chair.” #rockerwithopenlegs #marchmatness2018 #pilatesstyle

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