EXERCISE #30: Control Balance by Kathryn Ross-Nash

“Control is truly the name of the game,” says @redthreadranch_krn. “Remember that ALL the advanced exercises are built through the method: The Control Balance to Stand is built through your Press Down, Pull Up and Push Up Series on the Wunda; Back Over on the Barrel; Thread the Needle on the Ladder Barrel; ALL the inversions and the traditional ending on the Cadillac; The Control Balance off the Reformer; the Short Spinal into the well dismount off the Reformer; and finally all the Rollings moving across the floor. The ‘box’ should remain completely square as the legs switch and secretly pass through a Teaser position—as in the Single Leg Pull Straight. Although the neck must be supple, there should be no pressure on the neck whatsoever.” #controlbalance #marchmatness2018 #pilatesstyle 

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