EXERCISE #11: Saw by Saul Choza

Wish you could go back in time to Joe’s studio? This video of the #saw—using an ingenious “prop”—from @winsorchozapilates might be as close as you can get. “Using props in your Pilates practice is a great way to perfect many challenging exercises,” says Saul Choza. “Props inform the body with specific tactile feedback as well as muscular activation feedback. However, nothing is more fun than using a buddy as your prop to help improve the #saw from the book Return to Life.” Here, how to buddy up:

Feedback #1: Sit back to back: This informs the long spine of both individuals.

Feedback #2: Press your arms back against your partner’s arms. This ensures the retraction of the scapulae, which Mr. Pilates demonstrates in his classical instructional book. If your partner is taller or smaller, you can always place your arms on top of your partner’s.

Feedback #3: As one twists, you have your partner’s back and arms to press against, which helps you keep the spine long and erect.  

Feedback #4 (my favorite): As you reach to “saw” the small toe, you can articulate the spine off each other’s trunks, as well as keeping the connection of the back arm in an adduction action into your buddy’s torso.

Feedback #5: You have the other person’s back to roll up. Rotate back to the starting position to initiate the other side, once again pressing arms and back into each other.  Inhale to sit up tall, twist, and then exhale to expel the air out.  #saw #marchmatness2018 #pilatesstyle


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