EXERCISE #11: Saw by Kyria Sabin Waugaman

Never miss a moment to maximize your breath potential during Pilates—and the #saw is no exception. “Along with working balanced spinal rotation/flexion and lengthening the backline, the #saw is a wonderful breathing exercise,” says @kyriasabin. “With each “saw,” increase the rotation, wringing out the lungs to exhale more completely. The inhalation then lifts the torso to exhale, returning to center.” More tips from Kyria:

– Maintain “oppositional energy” throughout by anchoring your pelvis, lifting up out of the hips and reaching long through the heels, fingertips and crown of the head.

– The breath initiates each part of the movement.

– Consider use of focus to increase rotation/spiral motion with each saw.

– To modify, sit upright with extended legs, sit in a diamond position with the soles of feet together, or sit in a chair. #saw #marchmatness2018 #pilatesstyle

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