EXERCISE #10: Corkscrew by Joni Weeks

Pop a bottle! You’re going to need a cork to do this version of #corkscrew from @jjweeks_pilates. “Since it is the #corkscrew I thought of using a cork pressed between the feet to keep the inner thighs engaged and legs working as a unit.

Using a towel under the hips is useful for clients with tight hamstrings and lower back,” she says. Why do the exercise?🔻The Corkscrew builds on the principles of the Spine Twist and Roll Over. 🔻It targets the powerhouse to intricately control the ability to spiral the movement of the legs, and in the advanced version, the twisting aspect of the pelvis and legs without arching the back off the mat.” Some final tips: “🔻Never allow the legs to pull on the spine ✖✖✖ It is the abdominals plus the movement of the spine and pelvis that control the movement of the legs in the second version. Keep your shoulders soft, collarbone open and the back of your arms firmly supporting.” #corkscrew #marchmatness2018 #pilatesstyle 

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