Embrace Your Pilates Body

Faye Stevenson shares her tips for boosting your body confidence—and commitment to the method.

When Faye Stevenson, a Romana’s Pilates teacher and owner of Bayside Pilates in Oakland, CA, became a mom, her life became busier than ever. “I have less time to devote to exercise. I’m heavier now, but thanks to Pilates, I still feel great,” says Stevenson. For Stevenson, the extra pounds didn’t send her into a spiral of negativity; instead, she learned the most valuable lesson of all: to accept and love her new body for what it is. Here, she shares her tips for boosting your body confidence—and commitment to the method.

Create a solid foundation with Pilates. “Pilates may or may not be your only form of exercise. Either way, it’s going to create positive ripple effects throughout your entire body. Whether it keeps your alignment strong for performance-oriented activities, keeps you out of pain so that you can stay on track with your fitness goals, or fulfills Joe’s promise of giving you a completely new body, Pilates will support you as long as you keep practicing.”

Focus on how your clothes fit, not the scale. “Pilates is more likely to alter your shape than how much you weigh. Wear your wardrobe with confidence to give you a daily performance boost in whatever you do.”

Stand tall. “Pilates will help you carry yourself with more poise and confidence. The amount that you weigh may not be swayed, but with a regular Pilates practice in full swing, everybody will be noticing your improved presence and you will be feeling great.”

Be consistent. “Do not give in to the impulse to skip a workout. You will feel much better for moving than you will from reneging on yourself. As your practice continues, so will your ability to push yourself, and such improvements are a
great motivator.”

Think long-term. “Beyond any short-term fitness plans, consider making a long-term commitment to spending no more than 15 minutes performing a daily mat series. Before long, that 15 minutes will pass in the blink of an eye, and you will have established a healthy habit
for yourself.”

Do your homework. “Your home practice is necessary to really infuse your body with Pilates. Unless you are able to take a lesson every day, consider home practice as part of the Pilates commitment that you are making for yourself. The mat series makes a great start to the day, to help aid in recovery from a long day sitting in front of the computer, or a stretch after any upright activity.”

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