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“Writing about your deep thoughts and feelings, particularly about things that are troubling you, can help reduce rumination, that unhealthy pattern of the mind where you’re spinning your wheels over and over again. There’s some data that doing expressive writing can help with that brooding.” —Dr. Rachel Hershenberg in “Write On”

Every issue, I’m always inspired—beyond words—by our “Success Story” column (it pulls on my heartstrings time and time again), not to mention the dedicated teachers in our exercise stories (their depth of knowledge and passion for better movement is mind-boggling). But this time around, two other items have unexpectedly hit home…and got me thinking.

The first is our “Complements” column, from which the quote above was excerpted. In this exploratory piece, Amanda Altman finds the powerful link between your journal and your Pilates practice. The second: Kathy Corey’s response to one of your questions on how to balance the demands of being a small Pilates business owner (page 22).

Lately, I’ve been experiencing a flood of conflicting emotions. There are days in which I feel completely motivated and ready to hit the ground running, while others are clouded with stress and aggravation. For me, the balancing act is real—I mean, really real!

As an editor in chief of a magazine, you might think that my passion would be the written word (right?). While I appreciate a perfectly crafted piece of editorial like the next editor, writing has never been my thing. In fact, as a child I struggled with reading and comprehension; my outlet became art class and after-school sports, both opportunities to express myself.

My love for art—and the creative process—has fueled my role at Pilates Style. The process of bringing words and images together—and to life—on our pages is something I cherish. It’s proof that amazing writing needs to be accompanied by an equally amazing visual.

So where am I going with all this?

In light of the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been navigating, I’ve taken up a new habit. Channeling my inner struggles and feelings onto sheets of yupo waterproof paper, painting swirls and lines with alcohol inks, has become my abstract way of “journaling.” I must say, I’m finding peace and joy in the process. (P.S. I’ve used some of my ink art paintings (see left) as backgrounds for some custom memes for our Instagram and Facebook pages; check ’em out!)

Circling back to Kathy Corey’s discussion of work-life balance. She eloquently shares a reminder most of us could use: “Above all, it is important to have a clear vision of what success means to you. Balance in life between work, rest and play is one of the founding principles of Pilates.” We all need an outlet, that’s for sure. If you’re reading this, Pilates is likely one for you, but why not find another?

Need a little nudge? I’m planning to start a “30 days of art challenge.” Come join me on Instagram by sharing your work with #PSartchallenge!


Get Inspired (and Moving) Courtesy of…

Kathryn Ross-Nash’sStronger, Faster, Higher” (page 38)
Kathi simply amazes me! Did you know that, in addition to being a renowned Pilates teacher and mentor, she’s also an award-winning dog breeder and trainer? Another more recent undertaking: She and her daughter, Zoe, have launched the #donttouchme campaign, which encourages people to post photos on social media that aren’t “touched up,” which means no editing, filters, etc. I’m so proud to call Kathi—and her unretouched self—this month’s cover model. At age 55, she oozes inner and outer beauty, plus a heavy dose of authenticity.

Bob Anderson’sThe Game-Changer” (page 48)
Coach Bob’s series is designed to catapult your athletic pursuits to the next level. A huge thank you to Bob, who made a special trip to Momentum Fest for the photo shoot. (Teachers: We’re doing another shoot at this year’s event in Denver. Let us know if you have an exercise story that needs to be in the mag!)

Kerri Campbell’sBreathing New Meaning” (page 56)
Kerri, too, made the trip to our photo shoot (this time in Palm Springs at the PMA convention) to share her story about the underutilized Breath-a-Cizer. Fun fact: Kerri and Pilates Style have had many a booth near one another at Pilates conferences over the years; I’ve always enjoyed our fun conversations! Thank you, Kerri, for your kindness and support this year. PS

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