Ariel Hernandez is the owner and director of Fusion Fitness Pilates and Personal Training in Lake Mary, FL. With experience in dance and gymnastics and more than 10 years tenure as a Master Pilates Teacher, Hernandez has expanded his training methods to include rehabilitation and fitness trends. His certifications include step, stick, yoga, spinning, powerflex, power pump, jump rope, box board, kickboxing, funk, hip hop, strip aerobics, body sculpting and interval training. Hernandez has been a Master Teacher for PHI Pilates for more than seven years.

  • Double-Leg Stretch on Reformer with Ball

    Benefits include: increased core strength and stability, along with enhanced hip strength (flexors and extensor), spinal and gluteal flexibility and scapular stability.

  • Double-Leg Ball Press

    This is one of my favorite exercises on the Pilates Reformer. Some of its benefits include: increases scapular stability; cervical decompression; enhances pelvic stability; pelvic floor concentration; encourages proper breath technique; promotes knee, ankle and foot strength and enhances balance and coordination.

  • Star on the Reformer

    This is, with out a doubt, one of my favorite and most challenging exercises. The major focus is upper-body stability, coupled with core strengthen and the challenge of keeping the spinal and pelvis in neutral, making for an advanced exercise.

  • Tabletop On the Spine Corrector

    by Ariel Hernandez Achieving the correct position in tabletop while seated on the Spine Corrector is not as easy as it looks. It requires body awareness, control, stability, strength and coordination—pretty much all the Pilates principles. To set up, make sure the Spine Corrector is...

  • Performing Side Plank on the Reformer

    by Ariel Hernandez I like to write about my favorite moves and one of them is the Side Plank done on the Reformer. When done correctly, it enhances upper- and lower-body strength, alignment and stability. (To perform this exercise safely, please make sure to check...

  • Single-Leg Press on the ball

    by Ariel Hernandez I’m receiving a lot of questions from all of you readers, including this one: How can I help my clients with balance and body awareness? I begin by teaching my clients the importance of balance and body awareness, especially as we age....

  • My Favorite Piece of Equipment

    by Ariel Hernandez What’s your favorite piece of Pilates equipment? I receive this question a lot. I have to say that I love everything about Pilates, including the various equipment, but when I’m asked which piece a client should buy first, I always recommend the...