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Writing this letter is harder than it seems. In introducing each issue to you, I always try to be genuine and speak from the heart, but somehow not come across as too corny (cringe!). But that’s the challenge: Whenever I start thinking or talking about Pilates, I can’t help but get all sappy and start gushing (cringe!). It’s just that the method is so much more than exercise… Here I go again. But I’m hoping that if you picked up this magazine, there’s a good chance you feel the same way.

The underlying theme of this issue might be the most important thing in Pilates: It’s about building a solid foundation for your practice. It’s spring, after all, and what better season to revisit those ever-important basics?

In our cover story, Sandy Shimoda shares her three “Golden Rules” for achieving your best-ever Hundred—one of the method’s foundational exercises—and the cool thing is that those rules apply to every other exercise in the repertoire.

Teachers, looking for some extra tools to help your students grow? In “Spot On”, Benjamin Degenhardt shows you how to make the most of your tactile cueing during the matwork. A few pages later, on page 56, Karen Ellis brings forth some simple (yet often-overlooked) props that help integrate and connect the body, which is more than necessary for progress.

One of the most essential aspects for building that solid frame is having body awareness. In “How to Break the Habit”, Mandy Wright is on a mission to help you find and correct any compensations your body might be making; a balanced (and pain-free) body that can help you live your best life is the ultimate goal we aspire to.

Speaking of living life to the fullest, I feel compelled to give Heather Crosby, our “Success Story” teller, a shout-out. Her unbelievable mental and physical strength throughout her lifelong battle with a rare form of rickets pretty much floored me. I was astounded to read what Pilates did for her body in just a few sessions that years of physical therapy and surgery couldn’t do. She just knew viscerally—and right away—that Pilates was her answer.

Corny as it is, I’m sure you feel the exact same way.

See ya on the mat,



Bambi Abernathy

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