Bonus Moves! Seated Stretches and Roll Back with Rotation

In “Delete Tech Neck (and Back Pain)” in our Jan/Feb issue, Nagi Takahashi shares a few more exercises to help you create more mobility in your thoracic spine.


• focuses on the lateral sides of the body
• activates stretching between the spine and scapula
• stretches the intercostals, back muscles and obliques

Side Stretch

START Sit tall on the floor with your legs straddling the platform of the Chair. Place one hand on the opposite end of the pedal and extend your other arm overhead near your ear.

MOVE Staying lifted, side stretch over towards the pedal. Reach in opposition from your sit bone. Repeat on your other side.


Round Back Stretch 

START Same as Side Stretch but place your other hand on the floor by your side. 

MOVE Round your spine back, pulling your body away from the Chair. Repeat on your other side.



START Same as Side Stretch but place your other hand behind your back near your pelvis. 

MOVE Rotate your ribcage while maintaining your leg position.

TIPS Don’t press the pedal down in any of the stretches. Use your breath to stretch a little further.
MODIFICATION Decrease your range of motion.

Roll Back with Rotation 

WHY IT WORKS WUNDAS uses the obliques to promote the rotation of the ribcage

START Sit tall on the floor with your knees bent and toes on the edge/platform of the Chair. Wrap the band around the Chair back, and hold onto the ends.

MOVE Keeping your arms straight, roll back into a C curve. Rotate your torso as you bend one elbow, pulling the band like a bow and arrow. Return to center and repeat on your other side.

TIPS Rather than pulling the band, rotate from your torso followed by your arm. Think of reaching your elbow from your collar bone.

Apparatus Setting Light to light/medium
Prop Resistance band
Breath Most people prefer to inhale in extension, and exhale when contracting, but feel free to
use the breath that’s best for you.
Reps Up to 10, unless otherwise noted. Remember, it’s about quality over quantity.
Tip If you feel that you’re tighter on one side or can’t connect, check your alignment and do a few more reps on that side.

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