Bonus Move! Table to Tendon Stretch

In our Jan/Feb issue, Lesley Logan is on a mission to help you find—and use—your “second seat” for stronger, more stable knees. Here’s an exercise to go along with her series in the mag.

Table to Tendon Stretch

Purpose: open the hips and challenges the seat
Setup: Sit tall with your knees bent hip-width apart, feet flat on the floor and hands on the floor behind you, fingers facing forward.

1. Press into your feet to lift your hips up.

2. Lower your hips, pressing into your heels and arms as you pull your hips through your arms.

3. Press into your feet to lift your hips back to the table position. Do 3–5 reps.

Modification: Skip the pull through, and set your hips back down.

Advanced: After you pull your hips through your arms using your seat and core, lift both legs up!






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