Bonus Move! Leg Circles on to the Head

Loved Joel Crosby's "Shoulder-Reset Series" from our Jan/Feb issue? Well, he's sharing another Spine Corrector exercise that puts everything you've worked on to the test. Watch the vid here.

Leg Circles on to the Head

Purpose: connects the open shoulders and neck to the rest of the body, and challenge that connection with dynamic movement
Setup: Lie on the Spine Corrector with your upper back on the barrel and head on the mat (there shouldn’t be any pressure on your neck). Place your hands on the handles of the barrel, and extend your legs toward the ceiling.

1. Circle and reach your legs around to the step of the barrel while simultaneously lifting your head to place the top of your head on the mat.
2. Reach your arms straight back, and then circle them around to the handles as you lift your legs lift straight up and lift your head to return to the starting position. Do 3 reps in each direction.

Tip: The head lifts to change positions—avoid dragging your head along the mat.

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