Best. Summer. Ever.

Growing up in Houston, summers were synonymous with family vacations. Even when my parents were struggling to open their own businesses and money was tight, I never knew because they always took the time to take us to the beach in Galveston or to the rivers nearby in Austin or New Braunfels—not every trip had to be to Disney to be memorable.

One particular vacation that always elicits a smile is the time we rented a huge RV and traveled cross-country from Houston to L.A. (Fun fact: Did you know the halfway point is El Paso?) We made no shortage of stops along the way, like to the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead, where we set up camp. My parents rented a boat, we met some New Zealanders on vacation, and they taught me how to slalom ski. We even made a special trip to UCLA just for me; I thought I wanted to go there since I was born in Cali (but Texas-raised). Good times.

Lake Mead.

Whether or not you love your family as much as I do (but don’t get me wrong, things aren’t always perfect), I think we can all agree that summer is the season for recharging and letting the good times roll. Why not let this “carefree” season also be a canvas for contemplation, creativity and revelation? To get you started, this issue has no shortage of inspo.

Meeting Shawna and Grant Korgan and watching them do their partner workout is something I won’t soon forget. These two genuinely amazing individuals share a bond that is truly one of a kind, one that Pilates helps to grow. Their story on page 44 will show you that—cliché as this sounds—almost anything is possible.

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle has a weighty background in movement, having studied with five Pilates Elders and more modalities than I have room to name here. In “Moving Beyond Classical and Contemporary Pilates” (page 62), she encourages you to open your eyes and see the bigger movement picture. It’s not about what’s right or wrong—or whether your spine is straight enough—it’s about discovering our true selves. How empowering is that? There’s so much to learn from Wendy, and we look forward to her guidance as the Pilates industry grows and the method matures.

Speaking of “right” and “wrong,” Rael Isacowitz, a Pilates pioneer is his own right, admits that he doesn’t have those answers. But what he can teach teachers is how to stay to true to Joe’s work while meeting the needs of the modern client (see page 50). But regardless of whether you teach Pilates, you’ll get so much out of his tips, which certainly made me think…and want to put them into practice then and there.

Summer can be such a nostalgic time. Step out of your comfort zone with Cristin’s Wertman’s interval workout that brings the old-school jump rope (and matwork) into play (page 58)! You can do it anywhere, just make sure to have your favorite playlist at the ready.

There’s so much more to this issue that will inspire, like how Melissa Luterek turned to Pilates after the death of her husband and then two hurricanes (page 40). Or on a lighter (but important) note, how you can make your office a better, happier place to be (page 70). Or how you can make the prettiest watermelon “pizza” for your next summer get-together (page 74).

This summer, my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary. Every year my hubby really knows how to ring it in with a bang; how does he always manage to perfectly time the fireworks so that I’m gazing at the night sky when the show begins? It’s a running joke, but I do love looking up each year and remembering the amazing day that I married the love of my life.

Wishing you a magical May/June. Now go ahead, make some memories…and a mark in your journey.

See ya on the mat,



Bambi Abernathy

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