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Up the ante on your balance, strength and flexibility with a dance-inspired workout that brings a Pilates foundation to barre work. All you need is a resistance band for these feel-the-burn moves—there’s no barre required!

By Tracey Mallett • Edited by Amanda Altman

I’ve always believed that Pilates is a way of life that can translate into many different areas of fitness. I love to fuse different exercise modalities with Pilates to enable freedom of movement while using the intelligent approach of Pilates. Bbarreless® was created at a time when barre workouts became popular, and after seeing the growth of bootybarre, my Pilates/dance/yoga/barre workout, it led me to bring a fusion-based program to the center of the room. The movements in bbarreless mimic what you could do at a barre with a strong Pilates theme.

I personally love to add a dance element into the mix, as I truly believe we’re all happier when we’re dancing; I think you’ll find that bbarreless delivers that fun factor.

Standing work is important for balance and stability, so half of the class is done standing with movements consisting of active flexibility, lower-body strengthening and awakening the proprioception of your entire body. The resistance band is one of my favorite tools, since it’s so versatile; it provides a formidable strength challenge while also helping you control your movement.

I’m excited to share bbarreless with you! PS

Here’s a sneak of the featured exercises…

Quadruped Leg Extension

• Challenges trunk stability, promoting upper-body and core strength.
• Encourages hip disassociation with the resistance of the band.

START Get on all fours while holding the band, and place one foot inside the band. Extend your leg behind you, externally rotating it from your hip, placing taut resistance on the band.

MOVE Lift your leg up, and then down, while maintaining upper-body stability. Do 8–16 reps. Repeat on your other side.

TIP The only movement in the exercise is at the hip joint, your whole upper body is stabilizing the motion.



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