Balanced Body’s Anatomy + Movement™

Building the Body from the Inside Out!

One of Balanced Body’s most popular continuing education courses is Anatomy in Three Dimensions™, where students learn anatomy by building the body from the inside-out. Using clay on specially-designed skeleton, participants gain a deep understanding of the structure and function of bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as the origin, insertion and action of the major muscles.

After offering the AI3D course for the last decade, Balanced Body developed the Anatomy + Movement™ line of products for those who prefer personal exploration, or who teach anatomy in other settings. One big bonus of Balanced Body Anatomy + Movement—unlike other anatomy products—is that there is no contract or licensing required, and photography of the Anatomy + Movement Skeleton is freely allowed.

The complete Anatomy Build Kit combines the individual Anatomy + Movement components, including a skeleton, clay and sculpting tools, along with Balanced Body’s brand-new Anatomy Build Guide. The guide shows users where the muscles go, what they do and how to build them. It is DIY for adventurous anatomists, and Balanced Body is your partner from first muscle to last!

Leaving nothing to chance—each muscle group is covered, including origin, insertion and action, along with illustrations of the muscles in motion. The Guide’s comprehensive summaries of muscle actions help deepen the understanding of how the muscles work together. To make the claywork even easier, muscle tracing templates are included, as well as photos of each muscle showing how they work together.

Best of all, since everybody works and learns at different speeds, the Build Guide allows you the freedom to build whenever and wherever you want.  There are no classrooms, no labs, no time limits. It’s completely up to the builder to decide how much they want to do and how fast they do it!

If you are interested in anatomy (and all movement professionals should be!), the hands-on approach of Balanced Body’s Anatomy + Movement is just the thing for you. Check it out here.


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