Back Safety During Abdominal Work

Pilates should absolutely be a back-pain-free experience, says Zayna Gold. Her new video blog featuring Carin Lennox—her partner in #healingwithpilates—delivers the pointers you need to keep your back out of the picture during abdominal exercises on your—you guessed it—back.

Zayna Gold is the founder and program director of Boston Body Pilates with three locations in the greater Boston area. Boston Body is a training center for Balanced Body Education, and also well known for one of the most comprehensive apprentice and mentoring programs in the country. Boston Body is a longstanding corporate sponsor of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. #healingwithpilates is Zayna’s passion project with Carin Lenox (@functionfabulous) of Long Beach, CA. Together, they have created a community of Pilates professionals and students who share exercises that are therapeutic to various physical issues. Pilates to Go, Zayna’s new online Pilates studio that will offer workout videos, educational programs and more, will be launching this June.

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