Answers to your Pilates Q’s

Q. Recently I took a year-long hiatus from Pilates, but have decided to take it back up. Will returning to the studio feel like I’m starting from scratch?

A. Absolutely not! It will feel like you’re returning home from a long journey. One of the great byproducts of taking a break from Pilates is that you’ll find a new awareness of the small, intrinsic muscles that only Pilates can activate. As you re-engage your mind and body, the movements will feel familiar, and although you may experience challenges to your mobility and/or strength from your break, in my experience, I have found they resolve quickly.

The body intelligence you gained through your previous Pilates experiences doesn’t leave you, it simply hibernates until reactivated. A new/evolved appreciation for the work will most likely be your experience, with a few “stretching and connecting” pains at the start.

Take the time to embrace the challenge and be gentle with yourself. Your return to your previous Pilates prowess will come quickly, and you may be delighted with how fast you surpass your previous level of Pilates practice! Enjoy the journey, and I would love to hear how it turns out!

» Dawn-Marie Ickes, MPT, PMA®-CPT, is the owner of Evolve Integrative Wellness Physical Therapy and Pilates, specializing in integrative corrective exercise, performance/dance medicine and women’s health. She has been practicing physical therapy since 1996 and is an assistant professor and wellness programming coordinator at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Dawn-Marie has developed educational programs for fitness and health-care professionals that bridge the gap between medical and movement science, creating opportunities for the ultimate continuum of care in any setting.

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