An Important Update on the Nov/Dec Issue

We’ve received no shortage of questions about the November/December issue, including:

“Is the magazine going out of business?”
“Did you guys shut down?”
“Are you going all digital?”
“Is the print edition dead?”

The truth: We’ve experienced some major, difficult corporate changes in the past few months and skipped the November/December 2018 issue (the first time we’ve ever done anything of the sort in more than 15 years). However, we’ll be resuming publication with the January/February issue, which mails January 7th (yay!).

As you can imagine and have probably heard or read in the media, the entire print industry—and especially magazines—has been struggling in this digital age. Although it’s been trying, especially as of late, ultimately we’ve chosen to remain dedicated to you, our amazing Pilates community, and keep Pilates Style alive!

So how do we plan to weather this storm and beat the odds? For one, we’re launching a brand-new app edition that’s interactive mid-January. It literally brings the exercises to life! It’s also super-simple to navigate—there’s nothing to fear here, I promise.

And YES, you will be getting all the magazines you’ve paid for. If you’ve subscribed for one-year (six issues), you will still get all six; we’ll add an extra issue to the end of your subscription.

With all that said, from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to apologize to you. It was never our intention to confuse or upset you, and we appreciate all your support.

Though we’d mentioned a redesign of the magazine in some of our communications, changing our logo has proved to be much harder than I could have ever imagined—and such a huge decision. We’re working on it, so stay tuned.

We’re excited for our future—we have a lot in store for you!

A sneak peak of the upcoming issue:

Cover girl Patricia Friberg uses the bolster to make the floor exercises more challenging, supported…and cushy.

Lili Viola shares the secrets of convincing male clients to take the Pilates plunge.

Attention, smartphone addicts! Nagi Takahashi’s Wunda Chair workout will help you undo the effects of your texting habit.

And another must read is the Success Story by Arrie Fae Bronson-Davidson. She shares how Pilates helped her transition and liberated her as a person.

And so much more…

Editor-in-Chief and President,
Bambi Abernathy

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  1. Linda Milne Reply

    when is the january issue going to arrive? Order #8259

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