Adventure: Santa Fe, NM

Getting away from the mountains to soak in some sun as well as inspiration in The Land of Enchantment.

By Kari Gregg

Next stop after the three-day Momentum Fest in Colorado, Kari heads south to the Land of Enchantment: Red rocks, Pueblo architecture, Southwestern cuisine and blue skies were on the horizon on her journey south to Santa Fe, NM. 

DAY 1:

First off, the drive from Colorado to New Mexico was spectacular. I was amazed at how the scenery changed from green mountains and rapid rivers to white sands and red rocks before my eyes. My first stop was the Ghost Ranch in Abiguiú, New Mexico, located about an hour north of Santa Fe. Abiguiú’s history is long and diverse, but it’s best known now as the vacation-destination-turned-permanent-home of the late Georgia O’Keeffe. O’Keeffe found inspiration from the red and gray hills, the red and yellow cliffs as well as Pedernal, the flat-topped mountain to the south that was probably her favorite subject to sketch and paint. Ghost Ranch is now an education and retreat center offering a variety of ways to observe first-hand where O’Keeffe found inspiration as well as things you can uncover yourself. 


DAY 2: 

Driving into historic downtown Santa Fe was a treat! I loved the many beautiful turquoise jewelry shops and Pueblo architecture on the main square. If you are in the area for breakfast or lunch, I suggest Tia Sophia’s—oh-so-yummy no-frills regional cuisine.  

Take a stroll down Canyon Road to see an array of beautiful, colorful galleries (check out my find of Rolling Like a Ball) and stop into The Teahouse for a break.

The Santa Fe Railyard Arts District is also a nice walk from downtown. Be sure to visit when the Farmer’s Market is open. I also enjoyed browsing the local creations at Santa Fe Clay. Don’t these cowboys in their underwear remind you of someone? (Wink wink! Looking at you, Joe Pilates!)

For dinner, I recommend Tune-Up Cafe. It offers a wide array of food, from burgers and tuna melts to New Mexican specialities with an El Salvadorian flair (which is what I opted for). When in New Mexico!  

DAY 3:

Next, I arrived early for my Pilates class with Kevin Bowen at Core Movement Collective. The studio has a great, colorful and airy feeling to it (much like Santa Fe itself) and I immediately felt at home in the space. As I was waiting and observing the class before mine, Michele Larsson walked right into the studio! I was in a bit of a shock as I wasn’t expecting to see her. Not only was I about to take class from Kevin Bowen, but as the class was about to start, I realized I was going to be taking class alongside Michele as well as Rosalia Galassi, who is a part owner of the space. Instructor class to the max!

Kevin incorporated partially inflated balls into our mat warm-up, which felt like a floor barre—a warm-up welcome to this dancer’s body! The Reformer half of class was also great; listening to their stories as well as trying to keep up with Larsson’s tempo was a challenging treat! You know I had to get a picture with them! #pilatesnerd After class, I asked Kevin if he had an online video of the warm-up we practiced. He said I’d have to come to this year’s PMA to see more. Lucky you if you were there to snag a spot this past October!

DAY 4:

After twenty days of being on the road, I was definitely in the mood for a spa day. Ten Thousand Waves was everything I needed and more. It was absolutely amazing. If you are ever in the area, do your body and mind a favor by spending the day on its 20 acres of secluded woods just four miles from downtown Santa Fe. During my soak outside, I was greeted by a hailstorm, which added to the beauty and wonder of this magical place. I can still smell the juniper and pine trees. 

On my way to Arizona, I couldn’t help stopping at the Four Corners Monument to “Saw” my way through Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah!

Up next, I’ll take you through my travels from New Mexico to California!

» KARI GREGG was first introduced to Pilates in college, and was impressed by the exacting and intuitive approach it had on maintaining and healing her body throughout a rigorous dance program. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in dance from Butler University, Kari launched her professional dance career, both domestically and abroad. For the past 15 years, she has performed in cities all across the United States, and continues to dance professionally with The Radio City Rockettes.

Kari loves practicing all disciplines of Pilates, but was immediately drawn to the traditional Method and was certified by the New York Pilates Studio Teacher Certification Program under Brett Howard. Believing that a true teacher is a constant student, Kari continues her education in all styles of Pilates with instructors across the country.

Kari is now excited to combine her dedication to Pilates and insatiable wanderlust to embark on a new adventure. This summer she will travel across the country and delve even deeper into the Pilates practice through the lens of Pilates folks and traditions nationwide. Follow the journey from her hometown of Greenwood, IN., to the wide open road of this beautiful country on Instagram (@karilates). For more information, contact Kari at   


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