A Letter to You

I’m tired of talking about 2020. I’m tired of coping with 2020. I’m tired of managing 2020. I’m just, well…tired.

Where’s the silver lining? I keep asking myself. I’ve pivoted (oh, how that word makes me cringe), I’ve embraced the new normal (another word that makes my skin crawl), as I have taken on a new full-time job to make ends meet and help pay the bills, which has allowed me to stay at home with my four fur babies and maintain some kind of “normalcy.” 

So you’re probably thinking, Where is she going with this? Why all the negativity? Well, for us at Pilates Style, among countless others, this year has been rough and downright sad at times. I think many people envision the magazine business as some glamorous lifestyle of photo shoots, hair and makeup, elaborate conference rooms tricked out with designer furniture and the latest technology. But here’s the truth, at least about our magazine: We’re a small mom and pop—actually, a husband and wife team—doing our best to keep our business afloat (not trying to get rich here), a business we truly love and embrace. 

Over the years, as we have grown and changed with the Pilates community, it has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling to me, both on a professional and on a personal level. We’ve had many conversations about those “what ifs,” what to change, what to transition, what to cut. But this year, those conversations have grown into a daily, nagging struggle.

What we have come to realize is that, sadly we must skip the November/December issue and will credit everyone for the missed issue and take a bit of a hiatus to see how things pan out. For the sake of radical honesty, we plan to revisit our decision on an issue-to-issue basis, to determine the best course of path for Pilates Style

The Pilates community has suffered as a whole, and we are all trying to support one another, but the harsh reality is that business and commerce are necessary to maintain and run a business. I don’t begrudge advertisers that have had to pull their contracts (I get it, really, I do), or those who have asked for a discount (again, I get it), and I have certainly not lost faith in any of them. On the contrary, it’s nothing short of heartbreaking to hear about their trials and tribulations.

Please know that we are trying our best for our community, our advertisers and ourselves. This is not meant as a pity party, nor am I asking for anyone to take pity on me in any way, but I have tears streaming down my face as I write this, as I put into words the challenges that life has thrown our way at this time. Our ultimate goal is to continue to have conversations, to keep the connection alive, and with that, our promise to you is to keep you posted, our beloved readers and supporters, and to continue to pray for peace, growth and loving kindness as we see where 2021 takes us. 

I wish I could quantify this all, tell you the exact date when things will turn around, but at this very moment, no matter how frustrating it may be, that’s not possible. And this very moment is what I can deal with right now. In fact, I’d argue that it’s what we should all look to, instead of wishing for our past life situation to magically reappear or feeling overwhelmed at the uncertainty of the future. 

It’s the present moment where we find acceptance—or perhaps a will to change. Because only from true surrender can we find what we’re looking for. 

A new beginning. 

Wishing you love and light,

Bambi Abernathy

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