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  • Delete Tech Neck (and Back Pain)

    You’re going to “like” this feel-good workout that helps to alleviate those nagging aches by addressing the real culprit: the thoracic spine.

  • Bolstering the Matwork

    An everyday prop gives the floor exercises a boost, making them simultaneously more supported, challenging and well…cushy.

  • An Important Update on the Nov/Dec Issue

    We’ve received no shortage of questions about the November/December issue, including: “Is the magazine going out of business?”“Did you guys shut down?” “Are you going all digital?” “Is the print...

  • Support Your Sub

    Is a sub taking over your class? Clients are more likely to appreciate them when you set them up for success. Here, Chelsea Streifeneder shares some tips and ideas in...

  • Butternut Squash and Kale

    With all the heavy food during the holiday season, lighten things up with this nutritious side.

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