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  • How One Pilates Instructor Approaches the Barre

    By applying the Pilates principles, Michelle DuVall strives to make barrework as mindful as the method itself.

  • Moving. Forward. Together.

    The Boutique Fitness Coalition launches a campaign for boutique fitness studios and microgyms to responsibly begin serving clients again.

  • Important Update about the May/June Issue

    A little side story. Pilates Style is a small family, mom and pop shop—well, actually a husband-and-wife team. We have a handful of amazing freelance writers and designers but overall...

  • 5 Barre Moves to Add to Your Mat Workout

    Build strength in your legs, hips and feet while enhancing balance by adding barre work to your Pilates regimen. Plus, how to seamlessly integrate it into your mat classes.

  • On Neutral Ground

    Fear of falling in Pilates, be it off the Reformer or Chair, is an issue that many clients face. Here’s how to maintain the integrity of the method’s more challenging...

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