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  • Innovative New Moves

    The Movement Tour, hosted by Balanced Body and BOSU, offers innovative programming for fitness pros.

  • Building Up to the High Bridge

    Dream of doing the Wheel once again? While this nostalgic pose might not be for every body, the playful, powerful journey toward achieving it certainly is.

  • Answers to your Pilates Q’s

    Q. Recently I took a year-long hiatus from Pilates, but have decided to take it back up. Will returning to the studio feel like I’m starting from scratch?

  • On the Double

    It took a major case of burnout for Pilates teacher Jenna Zaffino to reignite her creative flow, which included the release on her new roller system. Here, she shows you...

  • Tip for Side-Bends Over the Barrel

    Ahead of the Curve: Works on the side-body opening needed for the Side-Kicks Series by encouraging a long waist while beating the heels.

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