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  • The Game-Changer

    Whether you’re training for a specific sport or activity, or simply trying to be better at the “game of life,” you’ll get a significant edge from 3D core training. No...

  • Stronger, Faster, Higher

    Position is everything in life, especially if you compete in athletics. The cleaner the alignment of the body, the less the body has to work to move in the desired...

  • Owning It

    After a startling diagnosis, Wendie Marlais, 61, realized only she could save herself.

  • #DontTouchMe

    Two Social Media Campaigns by Kathryn Ross-Nash and her daughter, Zoe, shed light on the link between photo retouching and eating disorders.

  • Easing the Transition

    Arrie Fae Bronson-Davidson, 49, always knew she was in the wrong body. When she transitioned five years ago, Pilates helped her get to know her new self, physically and emotionally.

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