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  • The Latest Cold + Flu Fighter

    Although past studies have indicated that endurance sports (like that marathon training you’re pondering) put strain on the immune system, a new analysis in Frontiers in Immunology is flipping the script. We...

  • Does Grip Strength Matter?

    While you might think that it doesn’t pertain to your practice—we’re constantly being cued to loosen our grip, after all—two recent studies suggest it’s related to your overall health.

  • Adventure: Broomfield, CO

    Kari heads west to Momentum Fest for some amazing (and new!) movement from some of her favorite social media Pilates “stars,” not to mention some stunning scenery.

  • Complacent or Compliant?

    Kevin A. Bowen breaks down the new California ruling that might pose a threat to your Pilates business. Plus: what you can do to protect yourself and your employees.

  • The Hear and Now

    Recently people have likened what’s happening in the Pilates community to the political landscape of America. Although sometimes it seems like you could cut the tension with a butter knife,...

Latest Videos

  • Volume 3: The Magic of Moving in Nature

    This month, Pilates educator Jenna Zaffino takes you on a sensory-rich outdoor Pilates experience. Designed to help teachers expose themselves to the elements of nature, get ready to meditate, breathe...
  • Volume 2: Creating Your Teaching Mantra

    Pilates educator Jenna Zaffino is back for another round of realness! Learn her simple, easy-to-implement tool for dealing with (the inevitable) pushback of clients that can chip away at your...
  • A Chat with Joan Breibart

    Welcome to our first video installment of Opinion, our newest blog series on pilatesstyle.com. Opinion is a platform that’s—you guessed it—all opinion, in which we invite industry leaders to share...
  • Volume 1: A Day in the Life of a “Pilatrepreneur”

    Pilates pro and mom Jenna Zaffino is giving you an intimate look at how she navigates her jam-packed day at the studio—and everywhere in between. You’re going to want to...