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Teaser Core: Back Pain

The amount of people who experienced a significant decrease in lower-back pain after taking an hour-long Pilates class twice a week for a six-week period. The 12 subjects, both male and female, also experienced an increase in core muscle endurance and lumbar flexibility. “Our small-scale found sufficient trends to justify the potential benefits of a […]

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The Triumphant Teaser

Those of us who have practiced Pilates for many years know that to execute a beautifully controlled, elevated Teaser, is quite an achievement. Years ago, when I was a young apprentice and professional ballet dancer at Drago’s Gym in NYC, I used to watch the more seasoned apprentices attempting the exercise in Romana Kryzanowska’s mat classes. Of course, it comes at the end, after your powerhouse is already on fire, so it requires remarkable focus, breath and control.

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Teaser On the Go: Riding the Wave of Pilates

After suffering a debilitating back injury, one surfer is able to jump back on the board thanks to Pilates. Now he’s sharing his knowledge and love for the method with other surfers.

by Sue-Ella Mueller

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