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Refine Your Spine

If you’re not integrating the Spine Corrector into your workouts, your missing out on nurturing one of the most foundational aspects of Pilates: your spinal articulation. Kyria Sabin Waugaman, the program director of Fletcher Pilates, shares some of the most valuable work for helping the spine become stronger, more flexible and more articulate, as taught […]

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Spine Stretch

“Gently press down on the ball as you activate your pelvic floor and draw your shoulders down your back. Feel your body sequentially rounding forward and slowly round back up (this is a yummy stretch and extension for the round ligament as well). Take your time and enjoy!” —a pregnant Andrea Speir, who modified the […]

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The Athlete’s Workout

The game plan a Wunda Chair series that builds total-body strength, balance and stability. We’re rooting for you!

By Steve Vicera • Edited by Amanda Altman

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The New Rules of Spinal Extension

Prepare to have your mind blown—and your body on its way to a truly elastic, strong spine and torso.

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A Solution for Scoliosis

When a twisted spine caused Karena Thek to lose feeling in her leg, she developed Scolio-Pilates. It brought her body back to life—and it can do the same for you, too.

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Extreme Stability

Challenge your body while protecting your back with this Reformer series inspired by Maria Leone’s work with risk-taking pro athletes. We dare you!

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Reader Platform Q & A: Pilates On-the-Go

Going away this summer? Here’s how to keep up with your practice your matter where life takes you.

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