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Kneeling Side Kick Series with Magic Circle

Learn to love the Kneeling Side Kick with Zayna Gold’s thoughtful (and funny!) tips and detailed cues throughout this glute-burning series, which uses the Magic Circle for an added challenge. 

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The Use of the Straps in the Short Box Series

“In Joe’s studio the worst sin you could commit was to bang the carriage.

The 2nd worst sin you could commit was to make any noise with the clips.”

—Jay Grimes

The “clips” in the quote above refer to the double-ended clips that attach the two black straps inside the front of the Reformer for the short box series.
Some of you may know of my deep devotion to all-things Short Box. Nearly mid-way through Joe Pilates’ sequence of Reformer exercises, you can get a nice massage, do some exacting work and possibly make sparks shoot from your toes. More on that later.
or the Short Box series.

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OFF THE MAT, ON THE MENU: Another Series of Five

Take five (okay 10) and do the Series of Five. Both of them. You know the first: the fabulous abs series that starts with Single-Leg Stretch and ends with Criss-Cross. But what about the second? It’s for your nutritional mouth—not your mind/body core. This series of five foods is just as fabulous for your abs but in a nutritional way.

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did you do your homework?

I recently received a wonderful compliment from a client of mine. A few years ago, her husband took lessons with me for almost a year. He loved his Pilates workouts and would have continued them had it not been for the relocation of my studio. (The distance made it difficult with his busy work schedule.) […]

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