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The 3 P’s of Pilates: Practice, Patience and Persistence

The 3 P’s of Pilates—Practice, Patience and Persistence—are guiding Laura Browning Grant these days. Read the second post in her Healing in the Hospital series for a heartfelt, inspiring update on Jon’s progress—it’s been 13 weeks so far—and how she’s using Pilates to cope.

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Walk the Walk: How to Keep Your Practice Fresh

MOTIVATE AND MOVE: Teachers, it’s time to walk the walk! Kathryn Ross-Nash shares her favorite ways to keep your personal practice fresh.

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Prenatal Breath Work with Kristin McGee

The breath, butt and arms are the main areas that I target while working with prenatal clients. I start every prenatal class with three breathing exercises, and Kristin has been doing them diligently, in the studio and at home. Kristin and I hope you find these exercises helpful if you, too, are pregnant. The best part is that you can do this breath work anywhere, anytime!

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A Practice in Focus

Learn to power off your thoughts to power up your Pilates regimen. You’ll leave the session feeling calm, connected and more energized than ever. By Laura Browning Grant Edited by Amanda Altman Do you ever feel constantly on the go, mentally scattered, or overwhelmed and stressed? As a type-A personality, I feel this way every […]

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Off the Mat, On the Menu: Integrating our practice and our diets

by Frances Sheridan Goulart Novelist E. M. Forster once observed, “The body says what words cannot.” And that body, when properly trained, often speaks louder than words. As Joseph Pilates promised, “In ten sessions [of Pilates], you will see the difference and in thirty, you will have a whole new body.” What is the key […]

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