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Kneeling Side Kick Series with Magic Circle

Learn to love the Kneeling Side Kick with Zayna Gold’s thoughtful (and funny!) tips and detailed cues throughout this glute-burning series, which uses the Magic Circle for an added challenge. 

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The Magic 8

This Circle series sculpts toned thighs, tight abdominals, chiseled arms and a lifted rear before you can even say fairy godmother. Workout by Andrea Speir Edited by Amanda Altman Fall’s here, but that doesn’t mean you should give up your summer body. Get back to reality with a total-body workout you can do anywhere, no […]

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Ring of Fire: Feel the Burn with the Magic Circle! p.2

Last month, we ran Part 1 of Kristen’s killer workout. Check it out below! As promised, here’s Part 2. Get ready to feel the burn!

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Ring of Fire: Feel the Burn with the Magic Circle!

by Kristen Matthews  Every time I tell my clients we’re going to use the Magic Circle, more often than not the response I get is “there is no magic in the circle,” and we all laugh. They view it more as a necessary evil, knowing it produces results. So when I was trying to think […]

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