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Before the Hundred

Drawing on Kathy Grant’s teachings for inspiration, Peter Roël instructs you on deconstructing the Pilates vocabulary, to help build more awareness and better posture for each and every client—and lead them to more functional movement in and out of the studio.

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The Hundred

“My take on this exercise is a little unconventional—I like to do the Hundred in a prone or facedown position. Prone extension exercises are really great for posture because they strengthen the erector spinae muscles along the spine. By retracting the scapula as demonstrated at the start of the exercise, one also strengthens the rhomboids […]

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Mastering the Hundred

Ariel Hernandez breaks down the Hundred and gives you tips on how to explain exercises to clients and students!

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Hundred Help

Teaching your client the Hundred? Erika Bloom offers three exercises that help.

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We Can Work It Out (Or Can We?): The Pros and Cons of Working Out Through an Injury

By Jennifer Farthing of the BuddhaBabes It’s been a busy summer for both of us BuddhaBabes, but especially for me. My finance and I eloped in Provence in July, had a reception with the family in August, and have a party with friends in NYC coming up in September–so it’s hardly the time to skip […]

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