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Q+A: Why don’t we wear shoes during Pilates?

Q. Why don’t we wear shoes during Pilates? A. There are several reasons I do not advocate wearing shoes when doing Pilates. The first relates more to tradition than science. I have a similar visceral reaction to seeing teachers or students stepping onto Pilates equipment with shoes as I do when I see dancers entering a […]

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The top 4 Pilates exercises that kept me in shape during my pregnancy

By Sheena Jongeneel I’ve been doing Pilates since I was 19 years old and teaching since I was 23. This year, I turned 39 and got pregnant for the first time. I can say I’ve always had a rock-hard body thanks to decades of devoted Pilates workouts. So, when I got pregnant and saw the […]

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Should you do Pilates during pregnancy?

The other day, I was having lunch with a friend who is in her third trimester of pregnancy. The moment we sat down, she leaned in as if she were going to tell me a secret: “During my pregnancy, I haven’t gotten a very good answer as to what kind of core work I can do…” and she continued further, “Should I even be doing core work?”

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How to boost attendance during challenging times

by Ariel Hernandez Quite a few of you have asked me to blog about how I keep clients coming back to my studio two, three and even four times a week, especially during these challenging economic times. This is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart because the very first Pilates studio I […]

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