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The Roll Over

“I like to think of the Roll-Over as the advanced version of the Roll-Up, or a Roll-Up upside down. You need a strong center to safely lift the hips over the shoulders and touch the feet to the floor behind the head with control.” —Ilaria Cavagna, who just launched the Rescue Loop, an innovative device […]

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The Roll Up

“Bring the head up as if you were looking through a picture frame.” —Lolita San Miguel, who studied with Joseph Pilates himself. The Roll-Up: 3 ways! #1 Half-Roll Back: a good starting point to warm up the powerhouse and train the body to move from the center. #2 Roll-Up with Strap: The strap helps stabilize […]

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The Hundred

“My take on this exercise is a little unconventional—I like to do the Hundred in a prone or facedown position. Prone extension exercises are really great for posture because they strengthen the erector spinae muscles along the spine. By retracting the scapula as demonstrated at the start of the exercise, one also strengthens the rhomboids […]

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Pilates Mat Chat

Shoulder stability is a cornerstone of our Pilates practice—and it’s key to avoiding injury in everyday life. In this new Pilates Mat Chat with BASI Pilates founder and master teacher Rael Isacowitz, Rael sheds some light on what he refers to as the “second powerhouse.” Don’t miss it!  

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The Pelvic Floor Paradox

Pelvic floor dysfunction is a preventable issue in many cases—and it’s one that affects nearly half of women under 50 and represents a 10 percent prevalence rate in men in the U.S.— yet we don’t pay the muscle group enough attention. The solution lies in changing the way we think about this fitness issue and how we work the floor altogether.

By Dawn-Marie Ickes • Edited by Amanda Altman

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The Athlete’s Workout

The game plan a Wunda Chair series that builds total-body strength, balance and stability. We’re rooting for you!

By Steve Vicera • Edited by Amanda Altman

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Rebuild Your Core

Whether you’re post-surgery, postpartum, lacking pelvic floor strength or struggling with weak abdominals and lower-back pain, this mat series, created by two-time cancer survivor and Pilates pro Emilee Garfield, will give you the tools to safely restore strength to your deepest muscles.

By Emilee Garfield • Edited by Amanda Altman

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