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Carey Macaleer

Carey Macaleer is a certified Pilates instructor and the owner of A•line Pilates, a new boutique Pilates studio in the heart of Carroll Gardens, NY. Carey is from New York City, where she was classically trained in dance. Her passion for helping clients improve their bodies and lives through Pilates has helped her establish an extensive and diverse international clientele that includes men, women, seniors, teenagers, expectant and new moms, as well as celebrities and professional athletes. In addition to teaching in New York for 12 years, she has taught as an expat in Hong Kong and London. Most recently, Carey has developed her signature class, The Wellness Hour, and is thrilled to own a studio where so many prenatal and postnatal women can work out in a supportive community, getting a great workout pre-baby and their abs back post-baby. She is passionate about bringing Pilates to a wider audience and helping people integrate its principles into their everyday lives. She is a newly certified MELT® Hand and Foot instructor.

Faye Stevenson

Faye Stevenson is a Romana’s Pilates certified instructor living and teaching in the San Francisco East Bay. Always knowing that she wanted to work as a teacher with the human body as the primary vehicle for learning, she was initially unsure of how to manifest that desire. Upon receiving her bachelors degree from the University of Michigan, she headed to Oakland to begin her search. Her studies in physical education and training as a dancer were instrumental in bringing her to the Pilates method which she now practices with joy and enthusiasm. Her many teachers all credit Romana Kryzanowska as teaching them the method as she learned it from Joe Pilates. In teaching, the moments of insight and heightened awareness are her favorites so she constantly strives to find new ways to help her clients extend their frontiers of body knowledge and facility. (View posts)



Rebecca Leone

Also known as the Pilates Nun, Rebecca is a classically trained international educator specializing in fundamentals and problem solving. She owns a studio in Seattle and a finishing school and also hosts an online mat class video. Rebecca’s goal is to unite all teachers, regardless of lineage or level of education. Her mission is to finish Joe’s mission; to make sure anyone anywhere has access to and understands his method. (View posts)

Katheryn Ross-Nash

Kathryn is a 26-year veteran of the Pilates method and owner of American Body Tech, Inc. She has studied with many first-generation teachers and teaches First Generation Pilates. Kathryn is the only woman to appear in both Romana Kryzanowska’s Mat and Legacy DVDs and is regarded as one of the leading instructors in the world on the original work. (View posts)

Kathry Ross-Nash


Kristin McGee

Trainer to the stars Kristin McGee has choreographed countless vids, including her two newest, Weight Loss Pilates and Beginner’s Pilates (Acacia, 2009). The Kelly Kane School of Integration–certified instructor has appeared on Good Morning America and The Tyra Banks Show and has graced the covers of Pilates Style and Fit Yoga magazines. (View posts)

Shari Berkowitz

Shari is the owner of the Vertical Workshop in Beverly Hills, CA, and the director of West Coast education and teacher training for Power Pilates. In addition to studying Pilates under first-generation instructor Romana Kryzanowska and Power Pilates, the former dancer has worked extensively with orthopedists, physical therapists and chiropractors. (View posts)



Erika Bloom

A former professional dancer, Erika Bloom has been studying Pilates for close to 20 years and teaching in New York City for 10 years. She was certified through Physical Mind Institute and has studied with master teachers Doris Hall, Lesley Powell, Shelley Studenberg and Kuan Hui Chew as well as anatomy with Irene Dowd. In addition to Pilates, Erika has studied many holistic body methods including Klein, Alexander, Feldenkrais and yoga and is a certified yoga therapist. Erika has a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude in both dance theory and performance and in mathematics from Hunter College and also completed post-baccalaureate studies in pre-medicine there. Her studio, Erika Bloom Pilates Plus, is located on Madison Avenue in New York City, where she runs a teacher-training program. Her DVD, Next-Level Pilates with Erika Bloom, is available at erikabloom.com and amazon.com. (View posts)

Risa Sheppard

Risa Sheppard, creator of the Sheppard Method, is a pioneer in the Pilates field. Risa studied and worked under Pilates master Ron Fletcher in his Beverly Hills studio. She was one of the first teachers to teach The Pilates Method. Risa is the author of the book, Risa Sheppard’s Fitness Formula for a Firm and Flat Stomach, as well as the creator of the new DVD, A Gentle Formula for A Strong Body. Risa’s two studios, Sheppard Method Pilates, are located in Westwood and Toluca Lake, CA. (View posts)


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Abey Scaglione

Abey Scaglione is the owner of Hummingbird Pilates studio in Beverly Hills, California. For Abey, Pilates is not only a challenging workout that leads to significant improvements in the body, it is the cornerstone of a much larger approach to health and wellness. Abey completed her Pilates training at John Garey Pilates in Long Beach, CA, in 2006. She then received a second teaching certificate through Power Pilates and has earned her third certification with Pilates Method Alliance. She opened Hummingbird Pilates in 2013 in order to bring the classical method of Pilates to Beverly Hills. Although Abey has been teaching Pilates since 2006, she believes it is important for instructors to keep up their practice and stay engaged in the learning process. Abey continues to train with classical Pilates teacher Karen Frischmann and takes workshops with renowned first-generation Pilates master Jay Grimes. She currently resides in Santa Monica with her husband Matt and their dog Marvin. (View posts)

Andrea Speir

Andrea Speir has been teaching Pilates for over six years in the Los Angeles area. She was certified through Power Pilates and holds specialty certifications in pre- and postnatal Pilates, special case and Pilates for seniors. She has become known for her ability to work with special-needs clients and whip her students into movie star shape. Andrea travels around the world teaching bootcamp-style Pilates as well as teaching privately in Los Angeles. She also is a freelance writer, yogi, life liver, traveler and adventurer. (View Posts)



Kristen Matthews

Kristen Matthews is a Los Angeles–based Pilates instructor, with an endless curiosity of people and the body. In 2003, she received her certification with Power Pilates, where she studied under co-director Bob Liekens and co-owner Susan Moran. Pilates was the jump-start to Kristen’s career in the fitness industry, which led her to become a teacher of teachers for Equinox, a certified yoga instructor with Yogaposer, and most recently a Booty Barre instructor. Kristen is known for balancing her cheerful encouragement with butt-kicking poses, all the while maintaining the importance of effective movement. She is also a freelance writer, contributing to health and wellness sites. (View posts)

Andrea Maida

Pilates-certified Andrea Maida teaches private lessons in her Solana Beach, CA, studio. The Pittsburgh native has completed two comprehensive training programs, including Excel Movement Studios in Washington, DC, and Romana’s Pilates in New York. Currently she is in the midst of a two yearlong programs of study under Jay Grimes, First Generation Master Teacher and former student of Joseph Pilates. As of January 2013, she will also be teaching at Vintage Pilates (www.vintagepilates.com), Jay’s studio in Los Angeles. Additionally, Andrea is an instructor and blogger for the video streaming website, Pilatesology (www.pilatesology.com), which is dedicated to recording, preserving and spreading Joseph Pilates’ original work worldwide. In her blog, Andrea hopes to share Jay’s unique perspective on the pure, unadulterated work of Joseph Pilates. For more information, or to contact Andrea, please visit www.pilatesandrea.com. (View posts)

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Holly Furgason

Holly Furgason trains and teaches at her studio, Blue Sparrow Pilates (www.bluesparrowpilates.com), the STOTT PILATES® teacher training center in San Francisco, CA. She recently partnered with Gain Fitness to produce Prenatal Pilates, a mobile workout app designed for prenatal and postpartum women. As part of their mission to train the next generation of Pilates instructors, Blue Sparrow Pilates has recently begun an exciting new partnership with the dance department at Mills College. Additionally, Holly publishes a blog geared toward Pilates instructors called Fit 4 Real (http://hollyfurgason.com). The University of Michigan grad earned her MFA in Performance and Choreography from Mills College, and has since become an Instructor Trainer in both STOTT PILATES® and CORE®. When not teaching, Holly hops on her road bike to tour the beautiful Bay Area. She’s passionate about teaching and is living her dream of using the Pilates method to help her community become healthier, happier and more fit. (View posts)

Susannah Cotrone

Susannah Cotrone is a Los Angeles–based Romana’s Pilates–certified instructor with a background in classical ballet. Susannah is most commonly recognized from her work on the mat in the original Winsor Pilates series of videos and the Pilatesstick DVDs. Susannah is a proud mother of three, who also co-owns the Cotrone Pilates studio in West Hollywood with her husband and fellow Pilates instructor Sam Cotrone. You can read more blogs by Susannah at www.huffingtonpost.com, club.winsorslim.com and at www.CotronePilates.com. Susannah has been featured in Pilates Style’s July ’11 issue and July ’08. To find out more about Susannah, visit her website at CotroneFitness.com. (View posts)



Sheena Jongeneel

Sheena Jongeneel, a licensed acupuncturist, has been involved in the health industry since 1993. She received her bachelor’s of arts in dance, when she began studying Pilates due to a knee injury. After college, Sheena moved to New York to become certified in the Pilates method. She had the opportunity to study under master teacher Romana Kyrzanoska, and received her certificate from her in ’98. Sheena has been teaching Pilates for the past 11 years. Sheena is the co-founder of Uprise Classical Pilates in Santa Monica, CA. She started her first Pilates studio in Newport Beach in 1998, which she sold in 2006 to move to Los Angeles to get her acupuncture license. She now hosts a Classical Pilates certification program at UpRise alongside Ramona-certified teacher trainers. (View posts)

Lindsay Lopez

Lindsay Lopez teaches Pilates in its purest form, improving her clients’ bodies and lives through the classical New York method. Although Lindsay holds fast to the historical method of Pilates, her approach is modern, accessible and friendly. Lindsay got her start as a professional dancer and actress, working in feature films, commercials and on Broadway. She now owns and operates FORM Pilates Union Square in the heart of NYC. Inspired by helping instructors make what they deserve and live a life they love, Lindsay structured FORM to focus on trainers rather than the clientele. The result is a workspace for teachers who love to teach and clients who love to learn. Her wish is to provide her peers with the business training they so desperately need. As a positive coach and gutsy business mentor, Lindsay is changing the Pilates industry for the better. For more information, visit www.FORMPilates.com.

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Bob Hannum

Bob Hannum has taught Pilates for nearly 40 years, specializing in an athletic style of the mat program. He is the author of several books and videos, including most recently, High Intensity Pilates. His teacher is the Pilates Elder Mary Bowen. His mission is to make Pilates more accessible with a simpler way of teaching beginners at PilatesLessons.org and daily fitness tips at Facebook. He lives with his wife Bonnie and Stash the cat—reportedly Joe’s favorite animal—in Bar Harbor, ME.